Pharah as Samus

A Concept for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

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I don't have any advanced drawing tools on my computer, and my skills are dampened by the medium, so I apologize for the crude drawing. The idea is simple enough, Pharah as a skin works really well over Samus, seeing as how they're both ladies in neat mechanical suits.
As far as the moveset goes, I don't think it needs to be changed. However, If you're so inclined,  Pharah's jump jet ability could work well over Samus' up-b. Not sure how much fun it would be, but it's just a thought.
Thanks for listening.


  • 5mo
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    Nothing to say.
  • 5mo
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    all you need on the drawing is an bit of text on the bottom saying OC do not steal and it will turn into a masterpiece it's so bootyful.
  • 5mo
    IconOfSins avatar
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    i'll have to give you props for this

    usually when someone requests something, the picture is usually some photo off of google images

    this ms paint drawing is reasonable
    r o v e r
  • 5mo
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    > me
  • 5mo
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    Nepa Rippu
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    I don't want to be rude but lol this is so bad that is good 

    Also that ain't falco.
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    Hyperdimensional Weeb
  • 5mo
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    Did you really even need to draw this? This hurts my eyes.
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    Professional Meme
  • 5mo
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    White_Sand Offline
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    I'm relatively new to this; but what if someone made a Pharah model from scratch and posted it on here as a skin? Would they have to change what it was called, tweak it so it wasn't exactly like the source material, or would it be totally infringerinos and not allowed?
    Enjoy yourself
  • 5mo
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    If this does get done, it won't be allowed on GB. Blizzard doesn't allow ports from their games (including Overwatch), so we wouldn't be able to host it here as a result.

    And before anyone tries to bring up the fact that the Steam Workshop has ported models from Overwatch, keep in mind that GameBanana and the Steam Workshop have no affiliation with each other. Where they usually don't seem to give two shits about what is and isn't hosted on the workshop when a DMCA isn't involved, GameBanana will respect the wishes of the developing/rights-holding company of a given game/series and remove any content that violates their terms.
    Not as serious as you'd think.


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Hiroji Kiyotake
Designer Of Samus Aran
Blizzard Entertainment
Arnold Tsang
Concept Artist of Pharah (And others)


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