Marge Simpson

An Unfinished Mod for Super Smash Bros. (WiiU)

So I wanted to make a Marge Simpson mod over Peach to go with my Bart Simpson mod, but I ran into some issues and I ultimately just gave up on it. I first used the Hit & Run model, but I couldn't make it not look absolutely terrible, then I discovered that the Road Rage model had more polys so I had to redo it with the Road Rage model. I have too little knowledge on rigging, vertexing and editing models and the model and Peach's boneset were giving me trouble so I just stopped bothering because it wouldn't look too good anyway and the model was too low-poly. Compared to Bart this is much more of a pain. I didn't want this to rot on my computer so I just submitted it so it can at least be downloaded.

Things that need to be done:
-Rig is very unfinished and looks very bad, hands are not rigged yet, waist also is a bit shifted to the right (I blame Peach's animations)
-Eye expressions (compared with the Hit & Run models the Road Rage model didn't have a separate eye texture and I couldn't properly edit it without screwing up the UVs)
-Tennis racket, golf club and frying pan for the side smash are missing, I'd prefer if they were lower-poly to fit with the model instead of just being Smash 4 Peach's)
-UI (I really want it to be the krump pose)
-Voice mod

If you even happen to pick this up and finish this just tell me and I'll send you a nameplate.

Also if you have any questions about this or want to finish this I recommend contacting me on Discord.
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