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A 'simple' SCI-FI map for ZPS

Its still empty in some areas, due I'm working on the base construction at the moment. The map itself will be inspired by the Alien Movie (darkness, and lots of entrances for the zombies to kill you from) and the game System Shock 2 (The style of their mapping). Everything will be more detailed, but I do not want to make the game non-playable due to 2007 Engine.

This map will feature the following:
  • Survival and Objective version -- Objective will be made much later on, and when I get around to do it
  • Randomized weapons -- Then I MEAN, randomized. Rifles and/or Revolver will not spawn on the same place like 40-60% of the time, or never at all, same goes to its ammo.
  • Destroyable Generator -- Zombies can only destroy the generator to gain more advantage to kill the humans
  • Balanced map -- No weapon hording and/or human friendly map. Due I really hate those maps
  • Fair spawning for zombies -- Zombies won't, and can't be spawn killed on this map

  • Warning:
    The current download is only for testing purposes only. Its not ready for a playable state, and that means that you should know that this map should not and/or is not ready for any public servers. This map only have 1 human and 1 zombie spawn, and no ammo/weapon spawns. Just download the map what you think of its current state. Thank you :)

    Required Textures:
    You will need to have [Sci-Fi Pack: Prequel #2](http://css.gamebanana.com/textures/2805 "Sci-Fi Pack: Prequel #2") to make sure you aren't missing any textures. The final and/or beta map that will be released later will be on ZPS maps section.



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