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DreamScape MiP (Alpha 2)

An Unfinished Mod for Half-Life 2: Episode Two

Sad to say, I'm no longer working on this map. I could continue it, though, even though I left the contest.

Here is DreamScape alpha 2! What's been added/changed/removed is listed in the Devnotes!



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    I believe you have submitted your map in the wrong section. Let me briefly clarify the issue for you: On Gamebanana, MIP section is used for maps in progress that you are no longer working on and have no intention to carry on the work. You upload your source file in this section (the vmf file in the Source engine case) so other mappers/designers can continue the work and give you credit once the map is finished or to let them use parts of your map in their own projects. However, if your map is still a work in progress, and you are still actively working on it to release it in the future, then you need to submit your screenshots and some description under the WIP sections. Judging from what you wrote in this map's description, I am assuming that this project is still active and you intend to release the finished map for the twisted reality contest. In this case you need to move your submission under WIP section where the map will receive more attention and you will get more feedback from GB members. You can either trash this submission and re-upload it under WIP section, or can ask a mod/admin to relocate this submission for you. Good luck for the contest Will2k
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    Looks normal to me :P
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Development Info

Added: More models in the parking garage; Crowbar (found in garage 1 control room); More floating islands in the Levitating Isles (mostly concrete and tile); An objective in the Levitating Isles (power generator); Inverted Laboratory; Eerie apartment; Gman sequence Removed: Intro Music upon entering the Levitating Isles (whenever a save would be loaded the music would play; I'll find a way to fix this); Light coming from air duct on ceiling of garage 2 (added hanging lights instead); Fog in Levitating Isles; The exit of the levitating isles (the doors) now open horizontally instead of swinging Changed: The Void is now black Known bugs: The 'fluorescent light' sound effect will not play; The opening credits will not display Please send feedback! There is much more room for new areas!
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