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Sandbox Workplace in Progress - A Blog Post for Garry's Mod

Reeks of boredom...

Sandbox Workplace, this is a map I am working on currently for Garry's Mod. It is based on no particular office complex. Mainly this map exists for the reason of experimentation and creativity. This blog exists as a place where I can post updates but also log problems and issues in the developing stages. If you wish to read: below is important information on this map. Feel free to leave if necessary. 

1. Updates

  • 3.1.0-statement has been released on the changelog
  • Changelog has been changed to include statements, announcements or map update logs

2. Documentation

If you wish to be informed more on certain aspects of this map check out the documents below for more information

3. Settings

  • An office complex

4. Points of Interest

  • The Office TBR-A
  • Employee Breakroom TBR-A
  • Construction Stockroom(s) TBR-A
  • Conception Room TBR-A

TBR-A = To Be Re-Added

5. Issues and Solutions 

Below are issues and solutions for those issues. These are problems I have dealt with and I'm only writing this down so I don't mess up in the future. All these solutions are mine. Please note that I may not be an expert on certain issues.

5.1. Certain props when hit produce the wrong decal and sound

If a prop is producing the wrong decal or sound on hit then a simple solution is to navigate to that particular model's file and decompile it with crowbar. With the subsequent files decompiled look into editing the QC file that has appeared, make sure to keep those smd files for later. Once inside the QC file in any text editor of your choice navigate to the section of the document that has $surfaceprop, next to that should be in quotation marks the type of material your prop is associated with. For a list of material types look here
Ok now that you have edited the QC file's "$surfaceprop" to your liking save and exit your preferred document program. Now go back into crowbar. When in crowbar go to the compile tab and compile the edited qc file NOTE: Make sure those smd files are intact, crowbar cannot recompile a model if there are no smd files. Once your QC file and smd files have been recompiled into a model, make sure to put that model back exactly where it was before. With that you should have a different looking decal and a different sounding hit sound. NOTE: I am not an expert with modeling, this is the best guide I could conjure for the issue as I've had this problem myself.

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