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Insane revolver and alike bullets =)

A Blog Post for GameBanana

Just saw this new Demolition Ranch sub about bulletproof pants )

Was highly impressed with this small beast-like revolver and that super heavy bullet. I wonder what would follow if it hits the human body without armor? =)

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    access_time 16d
    That little revolver is a beast.  Too much of one. Not something that is comfortable to shoot...which is obvious watching the video.  First shot stung which is no surprise being such a large round and such a small frame handgun(handcannon more like it). Second shot shows more how hard the recoil is.  He lost some footing. Novice shooter would have a high chance of getting smacked in the face or ending up on their ass.. or both lol.  TV, Movies and video games (Desert Eagle in CS) make shooting large caliber handguns easy.  Wish I was with my Dad and Uncle on one of the days they went to the range. There was a guy there that was so happy. He had just bought his first gun.. a Desert Eagle.  Had a group behind him. First shot it smacked him in the head. He was done after one shot. Tons of videos on YouTube but to see it in person must have been something.  If any of you are interested in purchasing a gun (if you can) I would suggest finding friends that shoot or if you are really lucky you may have a range by you that you can rent guns.  Try different guns to see what feels best in your hands and is comfortable to shoot. Stay away from magnum rounds at first. Get a feel for your recoil tolerance and some experience shooting. Before doing y of those things  learn about gun safety before you ever put one in your hands. 

    Just to toss it out there.  That round travels around 3000fps. Even if the pants stopped the bullet more than likely you would still be dealing with broken bones and internal injuries from the force of the impact.  The round itself I am totally impressed with and plan on one day picking up a larger.. heavier gun chambered for it.  That little guy is just punishment and only really see a use for it as a backup gun if you are a hunter for large game or if you are in grizzly bear country.

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    Stud Muffin
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    The Lone-Wolf avatar
    The Lone-Wolf
    VoxelTronics Flag
    access_time 16d
    The bullet seems rifle-sized, so maybe the same amount of damage it will do when it impacts the armorless human body?

    What I am more concerned is that how much recoil can that beast generate.
    Forget what I've said
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    access_time 19d
    Bulletproof pants? That's the second thing they should have done after helmets. Not these stupid vests...
    Although I think that pants should provide more coverageXD
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    LexonFlipao CSMI Flag
    access_time 19d
    WTF that revolver, looks badass
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    Merc with a Mouth
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  • bulletproof pants + bulletproof vest + bulletproof mask = ????????
    if jason had devils powers! avatar
    if jason had devils powers!
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