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A day in the life at Nugaku High School Part 1

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As I stepped out of the elevator into the school halls, an all too familiar face greeted me. Nathan stood there with that same smile plastered on his face, he rose his arm to wave at me the same way he did everyday. I paid no mind and searched around for a brown door as a starting point. I knew just like everyday I came to school, if I got far enough away from him he would chase me. And there I saw a brown door, I entered in and swiped the green notebook from the table. But I stopped and read the chalkboard (which is something I did everyday at school), "the world is sexist". I snickered at the angry face scribbled onto the board and headed on my way. I looked behind me at Nathan one more time, and then ran and as if something triggered inside Nathan's head: "You can run, but you won't hide!" and off he went, slapping his ruler, with that same angry look on his face, like I've seen every other day. I realized that running would just chew through my stamina, and I certainly had no time to stop with Nathan chasing after me.


 So I slowed to walking, checking behind me every so often. I saw a faculty room that I could leap into to possibly get some helpful items, so I pushed the door open and hastily scanned the room, an alarm clock and a soda. Two of my favourite items. As I quickly ran out of the faculty room, the slapping sounds were very loud, Nathan was literally right on me! In a state of panic, I shot the soda and shouted quite an unsavoury swear word. Nathan was shot back by the soda and I placed the alarm clock down and ran for my life. Up ahead on a corner there was another classroom, so in I went, I noticed that Skribbl was in there trying to spawn to lock me in, so I grabbed $2.00 sitting on a nearby desk, made a break for the notebook and then got out before Skribbl could lock me in. I looked behind me to see Nathan lagging behind immensely and I slowed down to have a break.


All of a sudden, Clive came around the corner! "Hey, look what I can do!" I backed away, sweating profusely and shaking my head as I desperately ran to the classroom I had just been in to escape the bubblegum Clive was about to spit. I stood in the doorway watching the gum wad speed it's way towards Nathan, when it eventually hit him, I laughed out loud and happily ran past Clive saying "You're in trouble bro, you better run away". Clive was suddenly the one profusely sweating as he waddled past Nathan, "Sorry about that, sir". I felt far less scared as I waltzed past Hamish, who was whistling to himself as he watched over me. I waited for Hamish to turn a corner, then I dived into another faculty room to pick up Nathan's Least Favourite Tape. At that very moment, the alarm clock finally went off, but it had no effect since Nathan could see me down the other end of the hallway. Then as I headed towards another corner, *ring!* the event bell went off, there was a party in Hamish's office! Since there was no way to tell where his office would be, I would just have to break a rule in order to get Hamish to take me there, so I looked around and saw Hamish, after that I deliberately ran.


 "Young man, do not run in the halls!" he shouted as we both ran towards each other. And just like that, I was in detention. This didn't matter too much because I got to pick up a shiny green apple, but since it was a party, everyone came to celebrate, Clive (who was about to spit gum at Hamish), Nathan Jr (who was watching me like a hawk), Zac Sweeperman (who screamed his way over to the office) and Hamish (obviously disgusted that I ran in the halls.). But in the heat of the moment I ran over to the tape player and put the tape in to confuse Nathan. After doing so I ran out the door towards my last notebook which I saw in the distance. With the tape player still blaring, I dived in to grab the last notebook and the dirty chalk eraser sitting on a student table. I heard the elevator door open nearby and I instantly used the chalk eraser to create a cloud of smoke behind me to prevent Hamish or Clive from seeing me, at that point I ran like a madman, breathing heavily, wondering where Nathan could be. But as the exit got extremely close, I slowed down fully and walked in. I was completely breathless, but I also knew that the next floor would be larger and more chaotic.

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