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Section Update 2020-04-29 - A Blog Post for Half-Life 2.

Some further updates to the section since last time.

Added the following attributes:
  • Antlion:Soldier
  • Antlion:Worker
  • Antlion:Guard
  • Antlion:Guardian
  • Antlion:Grub
  • Antlion:Grub Nugget
  • Headcrab:Classic
  • Headcrab:Fast
  • Headcrab:Poison
  • Hunter:npc_ministrider
  • Hunter:npc_hunter
  • Vortigaunt:Slave
  • Vortigaunt:Uriah
  • Vortigaunt:Vortessence
  • Zombie:Classic
  • Zombie:Fast
  • Zombie:Poison
  • Zombie:Zombine
  • Resistance:Citizen
  • Resistance:Refugee
  • Resistance:Rebel
  • Resistance:Medic
  • Resistance:Bloody
  • Advisor:Advisor Pod
  • Advisor:Crashed Advisor Pod
  • Animal:Ichthyosaur
  • Animal:Pidgeon
  • Animal:Crow
  • Animal:Seagull
  • Weapon:World Model
  • Weapon:View Model
  • Weapon:Ammo Model
  • Barney:Helmet
  • Eli:Monitor
  • Kleiner:Monitor
  • Breen:Monitor
  • Stalker:Pod
  • Scanner:City
  • Scanner:Claw
  • Robotic:Floor Turret
  • Robotic:Ceiling Turret
  • Robotic:Roller Mine
  • Robotic:Hopper Mine
  • Robotic:Helicopter Bomb
  • Robotic:Manhack
  • Dropship:Container
  • Ammo Crate:Pistol
  • Ammo Crate:Revolver
  • Ammo Crate:SMG
  • Ammo Crate:SMG Grenade
  • Ammo Crate:AR2
  • Ammo Crate:AR2 Ball
  • Ammo Crate:Shotgun
  • Ammo Crate:Grenade
  • Ammo Crate:Rocket

These attributes should help find what submissions have what support. They're not retroactively applied to most submissions yet, but if you want to take some of the workload off, feel free to update your own.

If you have any suggestions or requests, let me know.
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    That was a lot of overhauling the sections
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    Good thing I saw this before uploading the ammo crates I've been working on, now I can apply the associated attributes whenever I submit it soon. Thanks. Though question, by "Vortigaunt:Vortessence", do you mean the regular Vorts or the special blue ones at Ep1's beginning?

    Edit: I also really like the reorganization that's been happening recently, keep up the great work!
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    All craft report in!
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    It's nice to see this place getting all updated and organized lately.
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