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[AMXX] Weapon Mod: World War Plugin Weapons Pack

A Blog Post for Half-Life


Update #3 29d
  • Removal Remove a nazi weapon (M30 Drilling) (Reason: The Code For using Rifle slug shot is too difficult for me to provide)
  • Removal Nazi Walther P38, Luger P08 And C96 Mauser Now No longer has fast ROF attack for secondary attack anymore
  • Addition Add a new national weapon: French , which contain: M1886 Lebel rifle, M1918 Ribeyrolles SMG and Chauchat M1918 (Lite)
  • Adjustment Move the M1918 Ribeyrolles SMG from Italian to French
Update #2 1mo Addition Update #1 1mo Adjustment
This blog here is the packs of most common World War plugin weapons here, include World War I and II pack, from most of country, for HLDM weapon Mod. Most of weapon plugin here are basic weapons, only fews have some special ability. 

* Note: 
-> This Blog here update frequently as i link the plugin which is completed and/or add new weapons list here. If the following weapon here has a link to download, it means this weapon plugin here is ready to use in HLDM Weapon Mod (Only the weapon which have secondary attack or special ability). For the basic weapons, i will collect these into a pack in order not to post too many basic weapons that waste many times. 
-> The Following Formation: <Weapon> [(<Other Country Or Various Country (Look At Other Countries) >)] [(<Secondary Attack Or Special Ability>)]

1:  US Army (Airbone):
* M1 Garand (Butt Stock Attack)
* M1 Carbine (Switch between normal and fold mode)
* Thompson M1A1 
* M1919 SMG (Improved Version Of Thompson M1A1)
* M3 Grease Gun
* M55 Reising
* Colt M1908 Pocket (Close Combat Attack)
* Colt M1911A1
* M1903 Springfield (Zoom)
* M1897 Trench Gun (Slug Shot)
* Ithaca 37
* Winchester Model 1894
* Stevens M520
* Browning Auto 5
* M1903 Infantry Rifle
* M1941 Johnson Rifle
* M1941 Johnson LMG
* M1918 BAR
* Browning M1919 HMG (Eka 30cal MG)
* M2 Browning HMG
* M1 Bazooka (Chilling Splash Attack, Slow Players Movement Speed and Inflict Chilling Damage Per Sec For 10s When In the Chilling Zone) (Unpredictable Weapon)
* M9 Bazooka

2: USSR (Soviet Union):
* Mosin Nagant (Bayonet Close Combat)
* Scoped Mosin Nagant (Zoom)
* PPSH-41
* PPS-43
* IZH-42 (Butt Stock Attack)
* TT-33 Tokarev Pistol
* M1885 Nagant
* M1916 Fedorov Avtomat
* AVS-36 (Butt Stock Attack)
* Tokarev SVT-38
* Tokarev SVT-40
* DP-28 MG
* Maxim Tokarev M1910/30
* DT Machine Gun
* ROKS Flamethrower (Slow Player Movement Speed For a short time When Hit the Flame) (Strategy Usage Required) (Unpredictable Weapon)

3: British Alliance:
* Lee-Enfield (Bayonet Close Combat)
* Scoped Lee-Enfield (Zoom)
* Magazine Lee-Enfield
* M1907 Berthier
* Sten MK-2
* Sterling SMG
* Sterling Bayonet (Bayonet or Slash Close Combat)
* Lanchester MK1
* Webley Mars Auto
* Webley Mk. IV Revolver
* Lewis LMG
* Bren LMG

4: Nazi Germany
* Kar-98K (Bayonet Close Combat)
* Scoped Kar-98K (Zoom)
* Kar-88
* K-43 (Butt stock Attack)
* Scoped K-43 (Zoom)
* Gewehr 41
* MP-44 (Eka STG-44)
* Gerat 06
* MKB-42 (Zoom)
* FG-42
* Scoped FG-42 (Zoom)
* MP-18
* MP-28
* MP-34
* MP-40
* MP-41
* Luger P08
* Walther P38
* Walther PPK
* M712 Schnellfeuer (Fast ROF Attack)
* C96 Mauser
* MG-15A
* MG-34
* MG-42 (Heating Management) (Strategy Usage Required)
* MG-81 (Zoom)
* Panzerfaust
* Panzerschreck

5: Japanese Empire:
* Arisaka Type 97 (Bayonet Close Combat)
* Scoped Arisaka Type 97 (Zoom)
* TERA Rifle
* Nambu Type 100
* Nambu Type 14
* Type 11 LMG
* Type 99 LMG
* Type 4 Rocket Launcher (Eka Type 70 RPG) (Advanced Color Blinded Flash, Blind with a random colorized view And Stun Players when hit in blast radius for 10s) (Unpredictable Weapon)

6: Italian:
* Carcano Rifle 
* MAB-42
* M1910 Glisenti

7: French:
* M1886 Lebel
* M1918 Ribeyrolles
* Chauchat M1918

8: Other Countries:
* Hanyang 88 (Chinese)
* Ross MK-III Sniper Rifle (Canadian) (Zoom)
* Browning M1935 Hi Power (Various) (Fast ROF Attack)
* Dual Browning M1935 Hi Power (Various, rarely used)
* Special Capitalism And Communism Akimbo Pistol (Mix Of M1911A1 and Tokarev Pistol to 1)
* Kulsprutepistol M/45 (Swedish)
* Owen Machine Carbine (Australian)
* Austen (British Sten for Australian Troops)
* Trench Mortar (Various) (Switch Velocity Aim) (Strategy Usage Required) (Unpredictable Weapon)

If any problem or something that need to be improved, please pm to me. Enjoy


Update the link for the Plugin HLDM Weapon Mod For The WPN List 5%
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