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From day to day I think of changing my business more and more.

I finally came to conclusion, that I can't postpone it up to the next years anymore. Time goes and I'm not getting any younger. 

I decided to end up with current business this year, sell it, and to start implementing my dream - to launch my own fashion brand. I really like the rock'n'roll tunes in many brands like Philipp Plein and my favourite - Dsquared2. And I think I'd start with jeans, as it's the most popular clothes world wide. I won't have money to make the capsule collection anyway, plus no clear vision of it, unlike the way to make the jeans collection. 

I think I've been buying Dsquared2 jeans for eternity and those are the most comfortable, with highest quality, attention to details and decor and generally  the most cool-looking jeans I've ever tried, and I must admit, that I tried A LOT of other premium brands' jeans. I want to make something of this sort in Russia with the same quality and lower price, as Dsquared2 is pretty expensive (~400+ USD for one pair)  and not many people can afford it, Philipp Plein is even more expensive (~900+ USD). 

Don't know why I write it here, I've just read some nice articles in professional fashion business pages and negotiated with people that would help me launch this project when I get to start the whole deal and I'm so damn happy that I'm about to finally start my dream work, that I just have to share it somewhere =)

Yes, lots of work on my present Optical business left - to get rid of debts, make cosmetical repair and to sell it afterwords, but those are solvable cases, and sooner or later all of them would be done. And - yes, it may turn bad and everything may go to hell along with money and present state. I may end up at the street as a bum. But if I don't try - I'd regret of not even tryin for the whole of my life.

I guess I started with modding just because I like to construct things. With clothes I'd do it for some real money + get the same satisfaction of a final result but in much bigger sizes.

Have a good day to everybody and wish all of you never to turn back to your dreams =)

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    Cool :) I wish you good luck in this project.

    By the way, do you consider online sales in your business plan? I don't know how expensive it is to develop a site for that.
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