P90 SpecOps - Hive

A Blog Post for Counter-Strike 1.6

P90 SpecOps - Hive

Skin OST: SX-10 - Kill That.

Another Fallout 4 stuff ported and released. This time - new P90 model with tactical front additions and vertgrip on brand new rare P90 animations that originally had 3 versions of DRAW and RELOAD animations within release. Each animation was used in production of this skin.

As usual - UV-chopped, I've spent a whole damn lots of time on editing body textures, since most of usual ways led to serious quality loss. In the end I managed to make them a bit brighter with low contrast addition.

Also added some metal inside the textures and textured some weapon parts with it, so the weapon looks like a heavily customed version unlike the modest original one.

All animations were altered to fit this unusual designed model. Left hand now holds the vertgrip. Had to merge and once again alter some animations, to make SILENCER_ON and SILENCER_OFF animations, since I wanted to make an experimental M4A1 version of this P90. I don't like that M4 slot is often occupied with traditional M4s, HK416s and AR-15 rifles. Too booooooring!

2 slot-versions made for this weapon:

1) P90 smg:

- Used 3rd DRAW and 2nd RELOAD. Double reflex sight on top rails, new sounds on;

2) M4A1 rifle:

- Used 1st DRAW and 3rd RELOAD for unsilenced version and 2nd DRAW and 1st RELOAD for silenced mode. Hevily customized silencer animations created and integrated. Added new bone for Silencer into all animation sequences and weapon references;

- Used Lawai reflex sight on top rail and Tundra suppressor;

That's all, hope you'd like it!



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