UPDATE [1/4/2019]

A Blog Post for GameBanana

A new busy life....

As for my blog posted in 2016, much has changed since then.  For those who know me, I'm an old school member from FPSB.  I mostly stalked around the map section in the search of zombie mod maps for Counter-Strike: Source.  Though I'm sad to say those days are behind me.  

In my last blog post I mentioned me achieving my 4th degree black belt, which I'm glad to say I just received my 5th degree black in WTF (World TaeKwonDo Federation).  It's been about a 3 year wait, but nothing like breaking a cinder block while laying over a bed of nails to do so :)  Though my college scene has seen some more excitement with my current ambitions laying at NJCU (New Jersey City University) in Business Administration-management.  It is time consuming and expensive, but worth it in the end.

My level design has taken a back seat as of the past year with my PC evidently burning out the CPU and motherboard.  So I have 3 unreleased projects for Brainbread 2 which you can see down below.  Sad to say my level design days are behind me for the time being with other ambitions taking the forefront. 

Well this is Nick "Sethen" Nugent signing off.

Take care Gamebanana :)

bbc_coltec:  A Chernobyl like atmosphere with multiple buildings to explore.  

bbc_Ikrom: A remake of bb1 mod map freds farm which combined with a newer underground facility.  

  Basically was a stripclub map ;)  
[sorry no photos]


xxx_xxxxx: A project for Zombie Panic Source, though I'd rather keep it secret :(   
[sorry no photos]

The end...
There's no more....
add a comment if you'd like....
I have a website, look at itttttttttttttttttt .....

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    Great to see you progressing, Nick!
    Minor thing, but what's up with your previous website domain you had, if you know what I mean?

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