HandMade Revolver Pack - Bastard (MEGA PACK)

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HandMade Revolver Pack - Bastard (MEGA PACK)

SKIN OST: Iron Maiden - Number of the Beast

I present you my last work this year - fully modular revolver weaponry. This is Fallout 4 weapon direct port with new animations and my design tweaks. It contains 4 revolver types, 2 AWP types and 2 XM1014 types. Each weapon is unique and constructed via different details - receivers, barrels, chambers e.t.c.

Some words about each 3 sluts used:


- 4 design types, each has own fire sounds;
- Lynx's animations are almost untouched in here;
- Contains basic revolver version for those, that would like to use this weapon without upgrades;

2. AWP:

- 2 versions with different fire sounds;
- Altered animations allow the hands to hold it like a rifle. All moves are polished in between reload core. Hands fluidly move to the initial positions at the start of reloadings and return to new hold state at the end;

3. XM1014:

- 2 versions with unique for XM1014 double barreled model with unique shotgun chamber for 4 shotgun slugs;
- Double-b version has 2 different paired barrels united together. I used different barrels instead of 2 alike ones in order to point its post-apocalypse look;
- Animation was hugely altered. Changed the left hand Z-angle to avoid major clipping with chotgun stock. 


I decided, that it's wrong to try to make insert animation with its deafault meaning. It's a revolver with shells staying inside the chamber after shooting. That way it's logical to turn insert animation into ejecting animation. Now during reload player ejects the amount of slugs fired, and inserts a whole new set of slugs\bullets into chamber at "after_reload" animation. It works like a charm and looks realistic.

That's it, guys! Try this frankenstein, it's one of the most unusual things I've ever done and among the ones that I'm proud the most. Merry Christmas!



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