Fostech Origin 12 - Love Machine

A Blog Post for Counter-Strike 1.6

Fostech Origin 12 - Love Machine

SKIN OST: Steel Panther & Nickelback - It won't suck itself

- Time to use your mouth - =)))

Brand new weapon for CS series and 1.6 in particular. Fastest rapid firing shotgun with all new attachments including Barska Red Dot sight.

Firing a storm of shotgun slugs in a second - it can rip a man into pieces in no time with nice bloody show.

I've heavily remade animations for this monster, additionally having changed the angles of hands, to avoid major clippings, caused by huge monster drum mag. Also - animated slugs, in order for them to fly away from Fostech during shooting and boltpulling actions.

Altered Barska Red Dot sight textures with my branded RAGNAREK style.

Remade drum mag, having added slugs around it and near dispenser place.

Since this machine was made to bring love to the battlefield, I've added some jokes to the textures. Make love, not war, guys =)



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