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  • Reverted nav icons to PNG spritesheet
  • Made several nav icons more symbolic of their function
  • Added tagline and social links to logo dropdown for guests
  • Overhauled signup nav pane
  • Personal nav now shows avatar in SideNav as well as TopNav (as before)

A few additional updates.

Update 4mo
Today we launched a bunch of tweaks to our lists, based off feedback Mini collected from SSBU modders. Thanks guys! We hope you like these changes...

  • game info is now hidden in game specific section list
  • game & category info are now hidden in category lists
  • large view counts are now abbreviated in many lists
  • dates now have full date displays on rollover
  • restricted max height of game header to 300px
  • homepage, game & studio lists now show member uPics if available
  • the section icon in submissions now links to the game specific section rather than the global section index (e.g for an SSBU skin the pants icon links to SSBU skins index, not the main skins index)
  • the section list on game profiles is now higher, directly below the welcome message
  • avatar and category icon now fade out on grid submission hover to show an unobstructed preview

Unrelated fixes:

  • fixed maximized posts list still being cut off when opening edit or reply forms

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    Welp, I'm gonna miss some of the old pixled avatars and start getting used to those ones..
    Back to what it is.
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