Micro Gattling handgun - Jack of Clubs

A Blog Post for Counter-Strike 1.6

Micro Gattling handgun - Jack of Clubs

SKIN OST: L.A. Guns - Sex Action


How's it baby, I've got the potion =)

My third Jack is the most brutal pistol among all others, as it got 5 barrel rotating gattling type shooter system. Release contains 2 versions:

- Default Glock18 slot version;
- Modified TMP slot SMG version with new A-grip, stock and reflex sight;

Just like with 2 previous Jacks, I heavily altered animations. Made barrel rotating during shooting, as I always wanted a gattling pistol, but never tried to make it. Fixed clippings with long Glock mag, having changed hands' movements. For TMP version I dramatically lowered the recoil and increased shooting speed, so now weapon doesn't jump in hands like crazy during rapid fire. Also changed IDLE animations as TMP version has A-grip and second hand now holds it.

Lots of time spent on looking for right shooting sounds. Still not sure about them. Added barrel rotation sound after each shot, so gattling sounds right now.

Something like it, enjoy!



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