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I've become such a lazy person last days. I've stopped doing my releases and feel so nice now. Can't pull myself together and start developing new things.

I can't even force myself to upload the ready joke skin. It still lays on my special folder with an archive, screenshots and video.

In the other hand - I know what may be the reason. I've gone into books about rock bands now. Finished several ones, the best of them was new Ozzy's memories book, that was finally released in Russia. It's so damn funny! First part about his younger age is awesome, the second one is more serious, but also nice.

Now I'm reading new book about AC/DC and I must say - it's the worst among those I've read untill now. I understand, that brothers Young are very closed to any media and don't share any details of personal life due to their special personality, but it really sucks in terms of a book. The whole book is all about different people sharing the same opinion - AC/DC music is genious and godlike, brothers are very complicated persons that don't let anyone in their family circle and few things about general history of the band. Not interesting after Ozzy's stories about his backstage parties, how he was shooting hated chickens with shotgun being drunk and stoned, biting off bat's head and was riding lawnmover when he was going to the pub.

The Motley Crue's book "Dirt" and "Heroin Diaries" are also very funny, but they are more about sexual stories, than the drug'n'alco, like Ozzy. But Ozzy and Nikky from Motley had an outgross competition during their joint tour, when they were snoring ants and did other crazy shit =)

I don't know, maybe it's right, that AC/DC don't use drugs, don't overuse alcohol and are very right persons in this case, but it's not funny. I mean it's rock'n'roll, if the band of this genre doesn't do crazy things - it's damn strange. It's not a candy-sweet pop-music, damn it. Maybe Young brothers did those, but they don't tell anyone about them. I've read the half of the book, but it's still all about the same things, I've described before, very hard to read it.

In usual life it's true either - so hard to negotiate with those "right-behaving" people, that don't drink, don't make something crazy and template-thinking. They are so boring and not-interesting,...

...and those people often wear white sneakers, I hate people wearing white tasteless sneakers and horrid white socks with all my heart, foo-foo =)
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