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Resistance is futile...

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Well, I see many of those I used to know are leaving this site.

Everything has its end and I must say it leaves something sad inside even after leaving of those I didn't negotiate a lot, but saw here often.

But I'm staying untill I fulfil my goal about all CW weapons done. I'm getting closer to it after every next sub. 

But untill then I'm staying here and my "OUTLAWS" bar is opened for both new visitors and new staff =) I like to think of it not as a studio, but a bar with friendly people inside.

We shall close our doors approximately at the autumn 2018. I'm planning to finish everything to this date. After that I shall close the bar or present it to somebody other I trust and leave the GB. My works are always free to use and I'm glad that people use them. 

Don't know how to finish this post, so maybe I'd do it with the Sinatra's words: "The best is yet to come" 



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    Can i join the bar?
    I feel so lonely and i need some drinks please
    XD XD XD
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    andiargetlam avatar
    SlantBlaze Flag
    2018 autumn is exactly when i'll have my final exam :3

    btw, i can't order any drinks in Outlaws bar, but i can order some sexy guns, a pig and some genital LOL what a unique bar it is )
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    Overexcited Kid


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