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Building Bridges Winners! - A Blog Post for GameBanana

After an extended judging period we are finally ready to announce the winners of the "Building Bridges" mapping contests! This theme really seemed to click with the community and resulted in loads of high quality maps for a whole range of games, which made judging really hard for us!

As I mentioned there were LOADS of great maps therefore before we go on to the winners I'd just like to give an honorable mention to a few of the runners up which narrowly missed out on the cash prizes! The judges were very impressed with cp_dissension and awp_ancient_collapse by [Z(Rus)](, as well as Cantilever by [Glock18](, Overwatch by [T3CH](, Pontifici by [JorisCeoen]( and Venezila by [Triple-M]( - All of which were ranked very highly!

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In 3rd Place

Westbridge by Zloykotara

Our first impressions of this map were great, Zloykotara really understood the theme of the contest, with the custom made bridge being the main focal point of the map. However after further play testing we found that the gameplay wasn't that gret, with both top and bottom routes being very exposed. And there were also some quite obvious mapping mistakes such as props that you could walk through and floating items, which really let it down and dropped it out of the running or 1st place. However still a worthy 3rd!

Winning: $50 Cash

In 2nd Place

Space Conflict by Z(Rus)

We loved playing Xonotic, a little known game that none of us had ever heard of! Thus the judging took a little bit longer than usual as all the judges had to download and learn a new game as well as work out how maps are made for the game! This map follows the games unique art style and fast placed gameplay perfectly so much so that it left like a default map for the game! The bridge, whilst futuristic seemed viable and the vast array of possible routes really made for interesting game-play. It just goes to show that even submissions for small indie games can rank highly in our contests, even against content for much larger and more popular titles!

Winning: $100 Cash

In 1st Place

Driftwood by Kipper

A very pretty map and by far the most polished both in terms of optimization and also aesthetically. However the judges were disappointed by the fact that the teams only had one route down each, something which cost the map lots of points and which will surely result in stagnant gameplay.

Winning: $200 Cash

We will be contacting the winning authors shortly..

You can view the full list of entrants and contest details here.
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    > **Posted by Z(Rus)** > > I remind that: payment not yet received :) > **Posted by Zloykotara** > > Why noone contacting me? Sorry guys, i've been away on holiday for the past few weeks - just catching up on winners payments now!
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    I remind that: payment not yet received :)
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    Why noone contacting me?
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    > **Posted by Triple-M** > > I'm somewhat concerned that a map that the judges deemed to have "stagnant gameplay" placed 1st. _"by far the most polished both in terms of optimization and also aesthetically"_ That should ideally answer your concerns.
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    I'm somewhat concerned that a map that the judges deemed to have "stagnant gameplay" placed 1st.
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    Congratulations to the winning entries. All three are very nice and really deserve a winning place. Happy mapping!
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    Now that I think of it, the judges do seem to focus greatly only on looks in this competition. Even in the contest page, it says they'll judge according to: > 1) Technical ability required to create the > submission. > > 2) Use of custom content (textures / models / > sounds etc). > > 3) Overall aesthetics, quality and completion of > the map. But they don't mention gameplay, gameflow and optimisation. I'm not bashing on the judges, but if this is a looks competition, then anyone not mapping for CSGO is going to flat out loose. I should have realised this though!
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    > **Posted by JorisCeoen** > >[...] and on top of that it was discovered that de_westwood's almost final version was dating from 2014, comment removed afterwards and goodbye, good riddance. [...] > Maybe our chicken slaughterer has some special privileges on this site?
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    Also gameplay is so important, I need to remind people that westbridge has no nav file working. I KNOW for a fact that there's no way all judges tested this map online. Optimization for driftwood is praised, and for Westwood there's no mention for it at all. At all. No way have you play tested this map together. At most 2-3 judges might have played it together. Even then it's vertical gameplay like glock's map. It has 0 custom content and offers nothing new at all. The only god damn thing are the bridges, great. If gameplay was seemingly that important, there are at least 4 other maps that earned a place over Westbridge. Again, how are we supposed to know what quality gameplay is when you admit it sucks in westbridge, but still give it third place. Revise the judging process NOW.
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    > **Posted by Glock18** > > > **Posted by Jonny-higgins** > > > > I can tell you though that your map came in 5th with an average score of 56 - The judges scored it 57,58 and 53 respectively. > > Oh sweet. Is that 56 out of 100? OR? lol Glock
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