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Scene 1 - A Blog Post for GameBanana.

Scene 1 [Comes in with John going through a dumpster and in an alley. The setting is the New York slums and near John and outside the alley is a group of wealthy teens.] Girl 1: I heard they only come out at night and snack on anything they get their hands on. [John hears and gets out of the dumpster with some food. He walks toward them and tries not to be seen or heard.] Girl 2: Ya, I hear they eat people that come out at night if they’re really hungry. Guy: If I ever get a chance to see one of them scumbags I’d throw em’ in the dumpster where they belong! [John makes a noise and the kids hear him.] Guy: There’s one right there! [Picks up rock and throws it at John. Others join in.] Girl 2: Let’s go before he tries to eat us or something! [John sighs and shakes his head. He begins eating again and peers up to look at the shadows.] John: Hey Claire. Claire: [Walks out of the shadows.] John, you shouldn’t have let them- John: They’re kids and they’ll be kids. Besides, what will violence create but more problems? Claire: But we don’t deserve this life anymore John. John: What other life is there? Become rich? Try another get rich quick plan? No, I’d rather be in the dark in my dumpster than be slaves to society. Those kids hear gossip or what others think and they do it themselves. Hell, they don’t even care about each other; no one does. Either life sucks because all that anyone ever cares about is money. Especially the rich. I’d rather not be one of them. Claire: I wasn’t saying we can act like them… John: You may not want to now but money will over power you and make you as good as dirt. You’re mind will become nothing but dirt. Claire: We already are dirt! Look at us John! Our clothes look like dirt and SMELL like dirt! John: Clothes are something to keep you warm, and not meant to make others think of you a certain way. Claire: What happened to you John? I thought you wanted that life! You know- there’s a lotto right now and I thought I would give you some money to try but seeing you don’t care about anything anymore…[Throws a few dollars at the ground.] They’re as good as dirt. John: Claire…no…I didn’t mean it- [Claire runs off half crying.] John: [Picks up money and begins walking down the street. He sees a drug store with a police man in it and some caution tape in part of the store. John walks in and walks up to the police man.] What’s going on officer? Police: Someone was murdered earlier tonight. Too bad too, wealthy guy with no one left. John: [Turns away from the police man. For a little he looks at the lotto machine and thinks about putting in the money.] Can’t hurt. [Puts in the money Claire gave him and presses a couple of buttons.]

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