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YouTube Player - An App.

This module allows you to add a YouTube player to your profile. The module features many customization options that allow you to modify what the module says and the look to match your amazing uberstyle!

Add a video to act as your profile's awesome intro video or add multiple videos to make a random playlist!

The module looks best in 2-column and 1-column layouts but it also functions well in 3-column layouts.


  • Create a random playlist
  • Customize video player glow
  • Customize video player track color
  • Customize module title and description
  • Auto-sizing video to fit any template
  • More to come!

If you wish to suggest a feature or report a bug then please leave a message on this submission!

CHANGELOG (newer on top)


  • 'Get this module here!' link will only display if the user has a custom title set for their module
    • If the user sticks with the default title, then that title acts as a link to this page. Having the title and the footer text lead here would be redundant.

  • Fixed the 'Get this module here!' link having a blank href attribute which lead to the same page when clicked
  • Fixed the announcement bar being blank when there was no announcement set


  • Banned users no longer have access to their module settings
  • Added ban reasons

::10/20/2015 HOTFIX::

  • Fixed a backend check that prevented users from generating a config for the first time


  • Added reset button that will restore your settings to default
  • Added ability to modify the margin around the video
  • Non-dynamic CSS styles are now imported


  • Replaced font icons with new image-based icons
  • Updated the redirect location when generating a configuration file for the first time
  • Updated video list format: You must now have a comma with space between IDs to make it less messy
  • Updated emphasized elements in help text b -> code


  • Added ability to change the size of your video glow
  • Removed ability to disable glow via the color option
  • Improved style structure for module footer
  • Added last modification date to the module's footer that only shows up for profile owners
  • Lowered module footer's opacity 50% -> 36%
  • Centered announcement text
  • Removed a bit more obsolete backend code
  • Added separate messages for blacklisted videos depending on whether the module is viewed by the profile owner or a non-owner
  • Improved blacklisted video message that is shown to the profile owner
  • Added styling to links in error messages so they stand out more
  • Changed help text Can be left blank -> Leave blank for default
  • Changed save button text Save -> Save Settings
  • Removed help text for the center description option
  • Removed input placeholder attributes
  • Removed FontAwesome dependency and all icons


  • Changed the title for the customization form
  • Removed some unused backend code
  • Modified no-configuration message for profile owners


  • Changed default module title when the title input is left blank
  • Updated the blacklisted video error message to be more descriptive
  • Updated word filter for descriptions and titles to be less strict
  • Fixed margins on custom descriptions when centered

::10/13/2015 | First update!::

  • Customization form will only be visible after a configuration file is present
  • Added contextual color classes to CSS
  • Removed unused CSS code
  • Replaced inline styles with CSS classes
  • Fixed the no configuration message showing up for non-owners and added a message to show others that the owner's module is not set up yet
  • Slightly modified help text for editing descriptions
  • Fixed a typo in the help text for editing titles
  • Added a button to toggle the visibility of the customization form
  • Minified styles


  • Code cleanup/rewrite (this is for my own sake)
  • Show selected value for progress bar color


  • Videos will be reviewed and will be blacklisted if they are inappropriate
  • Repeated abuse of this module will result in your userID being banned from using it
  • Auto-playing videos is disabled to conform to the site's rules, if this rule is ever reverted then I will immediately make that feature available in this module
  • You can customize your player by using the form below the video player on your profile
  • Harsh words are censored in titles and descriptions
  • Announcements are only visible to profile owners " ""="">Check out my other modules!
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