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On Hold at 60% completion


Wii u update
  • The project is now on hold until further notice. My internet setup was incorrect and the wii u updated itself, making mods unloadable.
If you know me or my mods, you know what's up. Only info I'm giving out at this time is that I will not be doing the Bayonetta 1 alternate since that would require entirely new assets and I'm planning on getting this done sometime soon. My next mod will most likely not be Wario related.


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  • 5d
    Duckhunt17 avatar
    Duckhunt17 Offline
    Member Joined 11mo
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    i can help test the mods if u need i can still access mods on my wiiu
  • 6dEdited 6d
    DakotaBonez avatar
    Member Joined 1y
    214 points Ranked 16657th
    Damn, Nintendo didn't even have the courtesy to give a shoutout that they were releasing an update. All they can do is hate on young talented aspiring modders who could've had a future in game development had it not been for this system update. How else are kids supposed to get experience working on a professional triple A title? Whatever, in another 10 years, when the talent at Nintendo has thinned to the point of non-existence and they're wondering what went wrong, we'll know that it was because they cut the flower by the bud and betrayed their remaining fans. Fans so devoted to a game that they went out of their way to polish and build upon it, keeping it alive and entertaining for longer than it would have been otherwise. 

    All we can do is trust that the community of legendary exploit finders finds a way against all odds as they have time and time again.
    I want the world to smash
  • 6d
    StankKnight avatar
    StankKnight avatar Yup I died.
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    Well damn, that sucks man. Hopefully another exploit for 5.5.2 will be released. I was looking forward to this mod.
    i really like cheese
  • 7d
    Jacksont16 avatar
    Member Joined 12mo
    943 points Ranked 4924th
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    Oh you beautiful man...
    Sm4sh Player & Modder
  • 7d
    Waluigi avatar
    Waluigi Offline
    Member Joined 5y
    851 points Ranked 5402nd
    WAA are number one!
  • 7dEdited 7d
    The year is 2018. Everyone plays Bayonetta to input buffer levels of perfection. Because of this, the winner of a match depends entirely on who can press the b-button. The metagame has evolved to ridiculous levels of landing Witch Time once. All remaining characters have mastered Witch Time techniques hidden deep within their code, creating the monstrosity that is Wah Time.

    Waft Time maybe?
    • Win x 3
    5.5.2 :/ Bummed.
  • 7d
    Arc_Ray avatar
    Arc_Ray Offline
    Member Joined 1y
    glorious, this reminds me of that one pic a saw of Wario dressed each of the 5 girls from Madoka Magica. it looks fucking silly and great, just like this mod.
  • 7d
    Metalex123 avatar
    Metalex123 Offline
    Member Joined 1y
    356 points Ranked 11330th
    So, when are we gonna see my boi Zero Suit Wario?
    I'm bored...
  • 7dEdited 7d
    Valhalen avatar
    Valhalen Offline
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    Awww. Too bad you're not making the Bayonetta 1 version.

    Your next mod won't be Wario related? I wonder what will be... *Makes Dedede dressed as Wario*

    Real talk though... Please make some Dedede mods like this. Imagine Dedede dressed like Falcon, or like Captain Falco. Or Dedede as Shulk. Or even as Cloud.
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