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Attack Helicopter for Hunter Chopper

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Progress Report

In Development - 70% finished


Overwatch KA-27
  • Working on custom skin
Update: Making a new skin in the meantime while focusing on other projects until this one is fixed.

I was hoping to get this working 100% instead of having to do a WIP but I need some advice, so here are the problems:

1. Doesn't shoot or sometimes doesn't deploy mines

2. In the leak, it has a working turret but after decompiling it, there's only an idle animation (I also talked to Clatronix about this too and we're both confused)

When testing in HL2, it is able to drop bombs but unable to shoot. Flies around and seems to act how it should despite that problem.

When testing it in Lost Coast, it works except for shooting through the cockpit. So I may have to make this replace the gunship unless if I can get the problem fixed for the hunter chopper replacement.


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  • 11hr
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    I hope you'll finish that new skin. Original Beta textures are horrible.
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    "Working on custom skin" can't wait :)
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    Hope that you manage to finish this, this looks really cool!
  • 1mo
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    Where did you get the model exactly? Just interested.
  • 1mo
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    Does anyone know how to solve the problem of bad command -90 when trying to recompile?
    Dang typos.
  • 1mo
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    So I think I'm starting to get somewhere, using the beta model viewer now reveals which attachment goes to which attach to
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    Dang typos.
  • 1mo
    Once this is fully working and functional it will be fun to use :)
    Is mayonnaise an instrument?
  • 1mo
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    Your problem with the helicopter not shooting, most likely is that the firing position is inside the model. You see, in the QC file of the hunter chopper model, you can change the position of it's effects (E.g: Where it fires it's turret, where the bomb drops, where the red lights on it's wings go, etc), if the firing position is inside the model, then it wont be able to shoot.

    Here's a screenshot of what the settings look like in it's QC file: http://i.imgur.com/m4RRQGt.png
    The firing position  is the one that says "Gun" and the muzzle flash position is the one that says "Muzzle". Play around with these settings until you get the right position for both of these.
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    Dedede is the one!
  • 1mo
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    • In Lost Coast, the Chopper acts like (and sounds like) a Gunship, and has a Gunship's capabilities, such as the ability to shoot down incoming rockets with the Gunship-style pulse turret. This is because the Chopper actually is a Gunship NPC that is set up to use the Hunter-Chopper's model.

    Don't you know, that in Lost Coast Hunter is, in fact, Gunship with Hunter's model? I hope you understand, that you better test it in original HL2, or in Episode 2, where it behaves as it should
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