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Progress Report

On Hold at 40% completion


A lil' wait
  • My computer is bad and i also want to add my own mods , i want to make costumes
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dorito guy *
Close to wifi safe pack release
  • Only asking permission to the creators and adding costumes to every char and then ... i'll release the wifi safe modpack
  • Full modpack is also worked , but not before wifi safe pack release
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dorito guy *
I'm doing a modpack :D... two for being exact , one that's wifi safe and one that isn't , the wifi safe is wifi safe (lol obvious) and the "full" one will replace some chars . wifi safe is lighter and designed for play online , the "full" one will be (mostly) for (kinda) competitive play , offline fun but no gameplay changes , if enough people want that , i'll put things (on a 3rd modpack) like PM falco from bayo is bay or F3Y.


Asking for permission to the mod creators
Putting costumes for all characters
Good stages for "full" modpack


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  • 2mo
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    Did you move your music message files into a new smash explorer?
  • 2mo
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    The full version of the modpack replaced doc with icies , before you say "now do the same with dark pit and lucina" i'm gonna clarify something , i'm not going to replace lucina ... before anyone of you say "wtf m8?!" I'm gonna declone these in my way , reverting marth like it was in melee (reason : i test both wifi safe and full pack , so if someone picks lucina , we desync ) so install the wifi safe ver. if you liked sm4sh marth and you hate melee marth or pick lucina instead)
  • 2mo
    dorito guy * avatar
    Member Joined 3mo
    i'll do a lil' "contest"  , if someone could do a melee Luigi import , he can beta test this (updates INCUDED) and he gets 15 points (can someone say me how to award bounties?) , i even have a reason : i have a melee Luigi import on my project m build :P
  • 2mo
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    stop with all these constant updates geez. you dont need to inform us on every single edit you do
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    Sm4sh Modder
  • 2mo
    dorito guy * avatar
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    The "full" version of the modpack won't change any physics (just replacing some characters , look at the above update) , so if someone wants a version that modifies the game's mechanics   , i need enough "i want a ver that modifies game's physics "
    Also , almost everything from the modpack has a reason , icies over the doc doesn't need an explanation (kappa) and mario's melee b-air / luigi's iceball is simply for declone a move from mario and luigi ( luigi's b-air is untouched )
  • 2mo
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    Member Joined 3mo
    i got the bronze today's pick , ty all
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  • 2mo
    If it helps, sometimes UI files are corrupted, and thus leads to the game crashing.

    I know the UI files for Pannash's Flynn Scifo did that to me, but I don't know any other mods that have corrupted UI files. Sorry, can't help further there.
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    Travelling mind
  • 2mo
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    Ty , gonna do that
  • 2mo
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    Its-just-Charlie avatar Gone.
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    You can KEEP mods like JoeTE's wolf, but you need permission to USE his mods.
    ARMS HYPE!!!
  • 2mo
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    same thing Ana said, you should also make sure to disclose that you asked for permission to use mods in a public pack.
    it's a good idea to disclose that you have used and asked if you can use something.
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    See DSX and Flux's Mantras
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