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Progress Report

In Development - 60% finished


Expressions Started
  • Mouth Open, Blinking, and Attacking
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Low Poly Mesh Completed
  • Retopo done
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Originally made for the Retro Contest, now I'm just making it for fun. The ring on his left hand is for the blue and red alts; It represents the rings Link gets in Zelda 1 to change his tunic color. 


Items (Bomb, Boomerang, Fairy, etc)


  • 11hr
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    With a first glance at most of the images you've provided and then reading your reply to MegaDrawAFS's comment, it seems you've planned this out pretty darn well. If you don't mind, here's some things I've noticed from all of them as well as my opinion

    You've covered team battle colors (Red, blue, green) with the three NES skins. This is an excellent contribution to tourney-optimized mod packs coming in the future.

    Adding a Dark skin that is essentially a silhouette of Link is a surprisingly clever choice, since Dark Link first appears in Zelda 2 with an all-black appearance. I suggest keeping it that way, even not making the eyes red (OOT Dark Link) to stay with the authenticity.

    The boomerang item in the NES has only two colors, which are orange-ish for the first version and blue-ish for the second version. In LTTP, the first is blue and the second is red. I suggest sticking only with the second versions.

    You have the potential to cover these three team colors with GB/GBC Link and LTTP Link. Although LTTP will require a bit more work because of the in-game look of the blue and red mail (Blue tunic + Tan cap, Red tunic + Purple cap).

    About LTTP Link:
    1) The game was ported to the Game Boy Advance with an optional dungeon on said version, so this means there is the possibility to create four LTTP Dark Link skins based on the Dark Link encounters in the Palace of the Four Sword. I suggest each LTTP Dark Link stay with just the Four Sword to erase extra hassle.
    2) There are 4 variations of swords in the game. They are the Sword, the Old Master Sword, the amped-up sword given to you by blacksmiths, and the Gilded Sword given to you by a Great Fairy. You can eliminate one of these if they don't seem to fit, like the Gilded Sword.

    About GB/GBC Link:
    1) Like the NES version, there's nothing intricately different about the red/blue tunics or the equipment so you should have an easy time making the alternate costumes for this one.

    I noticed that there's so many alts that will be repeating red, blue, and the original green. From the art and the sprites, I noticed that all their greens slightly differ in hue. Perhaps you can do this to all three colors each Link version has? It's a lot harder to form this in words, but if you can understand what I'm trying to say then you have my respect.

    Lastly, making WW Link alts might lead to mild confusion in matches, but that's yours to decide.

    IN CONCLUSION there is an absurd amount of potential in creating NES Link that goes as far as the equipment for every skin you plan. In fact, there is so much potential that I highly recommend boiling it down to smaller sections. If you want me to provide an example list, I'll be more than happy to do so as a small contribution.

    Post over. You're welcome for all of this info that I've provided. :)
    Hoot hoot, everyone
  • 2d
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    Actually, I have some suggestions for some color alts rather than just Zelda 1's artwork. Maybe you can base it off of some other color clasic Link color palettes? Ex. GBC or GB, the NES's color palette, and why the heck not, SNES Link's pink/purple hair? And this might be a bit far but one based on Toon Link. If you can't do these suggestions, that's totally fine. I really hope you get this mod done, and I can't wait for the release!
  • 7d
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    This looks absolutely awesome and I cannot wait for it. For the UI, could I recommend using Link's classic squatting pose from the NES era art? 
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  • 2mo
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    Oh boy!
    Dance water, dance!
  • 2mo
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    Gee, I sure wonder what skin slot I'm going to put this over when this is completed.
    c04 obviously
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  • 2mo
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    Wow, this is amazing. And it makes sense as well, since the Links before Ocarina of Time are pretty young anyway.

    Still, I want somebody to make this someday as well so the original Link can finally have that cool style, but this is still awesome.
  • 2mo
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    That is... Amazingly HD.

    If you need help with textures, I want to offer help.. If you have patience with me.
  • 2mo
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    That's looking great! Good work :)
  • 2mo
    This is very exciting! Good luck!
  • 2mo
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    This is legit, I hope it goes well!


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