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Progress Report

In Development - 70% finished


Expressions Fixed But A New Problem Arises
  • Fixed the expressions. Now I need to find out how to fix my weird uv problem. The uvs are not flipped, but rather slightly altered to where parts of the texture now look ugly. I could manually do it, but I would have to do it accurately so that the expressions won't look weird and that's impossible for me.
Getting Close Now
  • The project is almost done.
Here's something I've been working on. Nappa from Dragon Ball Z. The reason I making this? Well it's a weird one, but I had this silly idea of putting a voice mod of tfs Nappa over Ganondorf. I soon decided why not and also decided to make a Nappa mod while I was at it too. I have made that voice mod, but I would like to make a voice mod of normal Nappa for people who would prefer that. Right now I have finished the expressions and am now working on rigging the model.
UPDATE: I'm getting close to finishing up the rigging. I will then test it out to see how it looks. Once the rigging is done, I will make the model.nud, model.nut, and metal.nud.
UPDATE 2: So, I'm somewhat stuck right now. I'm having some clipping issues with the armor right now. I've tried to fix it, however what I did didn't fix it. I tried adding shoulder weights on the areas it was clipping (the clipping is around the shoulders). This is probably the hardest part on making this mod. I'm posting this to see if anyone has any suggestions. I'll try to figure it out, but if anyone knows a trick on this, feel free to tell me. Your help will be much appreciated and will speed up the development process. 
UPDATE 3: Here's a teaser of how the process is going. I'm getting close to being finished now. All I need to do is fix the expressions, add alts, and make a regular Nappa voice. Once those are completed, the mod will be released. Even though I'm close to being done, don't expect this mod to be released until around one week from now since I'm going on a trip. Once my trip is done, I'll get back to editing this mod.
UPDATE 4: Expressions have been fixed. There's only one last thing I need to do before I can work on the alts. For some reason the uv maps got slightly altered when smash forge made the model.nud. I don't know what caused this, but I hope I figure it out soon. You can see the moustache is all screwed up in the latest picture. It doesn't look good. If you know the solution to this, feel free to tell me. It well help a lot.


Normal Nappa Voice
Fix UVs


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