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Reyn over Ike

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Progress Report

In Development - 90% finished


Almost done!
  • Fixed strange lighting
  • Made and implemented expressions
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Yes I'm still working on this
  • User Xegf ( ) has saved me a lot of time by making a voicepack ( )! Wow! Big thanks.
  • Fixed hair transparency issue
  • Metal model stuff is done
  • Made optional Scrap Driver over Ragnell file for Ike's up special and down taunt
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A work in progress of Reyn over Ike, just thought I'd let people see what I'm working on. It uses Reyn's model from Xenoblade Chronicles and the HD Xenoblade textures featured here:

Update 1: changelog stuff thing added. I have tried literally everything to round out the model (using 3DS max versions both newer and older than mine, turbosmooth, exporting and importing as different file types, etc) but it doesn't work, my guess is it has something to do with how I extracted it from my XC disk but I did it the only way I know how so yeah. In light of this, I'm going to put all of the effort I've been using to round out the model into finding out how the lighting in XC worked and try replicating it as best as I can in Smash 4 to make the model appear at least as smooth as it looked in XC. Also, as said in the changelog thing, big thanks to Xegf ( ) for saving me time on creating a voicepack (I haven't tried it out yet personally, but I'm sure it's good).

Update 2: Almost done! All I need to do now is add the other colors.

Planned features & fixes:
I found the textures for Reyn's Middle Gear in colors other than orange so in the final release I'll include those as alternate colors


  • 9d
    Quadraxis avatar
    Quadraxis Offline
    Member Joined 9mo
    411 points Ranked 9852nd
    Would be cool to have some update screenshots, but i'm patient since you're close to finishing this, can't rush the perfection that is Reyn.
    Yeah, phazon drinks!
  • 9d
    Xegf avatar
    Xegf Offline
    Member Joined 7mo
    347 points Ranked 11327th
    It intensifies

    Just curious, have you rigged Reyn's mouth for when he does the victory animations?
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  • 10d
    How's the mod coming along? Could we get an update on it?
    The future is ours to decide
  • 30d
    Sir Demyx avatar
    Member Joined 10mo
    603 points Ranked 7144th
    Can you update the completion bar so we have some kind of idea of your progress?
    Dance water, dance!
  • 30d
    CamCoopa avatar
    CamCoopa Offline
    Member Joined 12mo
    492 points Ranked 8611st
    Yo I can't wait for this skin. We need more imports of Xeno (whether it's Blade or Saga) in smash. I'd love to see more and Reyn is one of my favorite characters in chronicles one so I'm all for it.
  • 30d
    I'm super stoked about this skin, it's about time we had some Reyn time!

    If I may make a suggestion, the Scrap Driver used in the picture is much smaller than the one in XC. Furthermore Reyn is holding it like a conventional sword. In XC Reyn holds it closer to the center as seen in this image. If it's possible to make Ike hold it near the center that would give you more room to make the weapon bigger, solving both problems. I understand that Ike holds his sword differently and that there are limitations however.

    In any case this is awesome, I look forward to the release.
  • 30d
    Xegf avatar
    Xegf Offline
    Member Joined 7mo
    347 points Ranked 11327th
    No problem! I hope to have this mod soon :D Keep up the great work!!!! :)

    Btw, I'm not into model importing that much, but I think that the problem with the lighting happens because of the normals. 

    You could try seeting an "Edit Normals" modifier in the modifier panel to your model, then select the whole model, then tick "Unify/Break to verage" and "Use Threshold", if it isn't already; and finally try typing 0.001 in the number box, and click Select. (You can try any number and see which one works better).
  • 1mo
    Thank you sir, for taking up what so many have dreamed of, and that is putting some Reyn in smash!
    The future is ours to decide
  • 2mo
    eddy7eddy avatar
    eddy7eddy Offline
    Member Joined 3y
    456 points Ranked 9114th
    We now have the Voice Mod, waiting for some Reynbow!
  • 2mo
    theshredder39 avatar
    Member Joined 8mo
    120 points Ranked 24145th
    Yeah it'll be Reyn time all right when I take this guy online.


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