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[WIP] My Smash 3DS Model Import(will add more)

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4th Update
  • Ness 64 Head with Vertices(Finally removed the entire head)
  • Majora's Mask Toon Link with textures(will be using Vertices)
  • Luigi N64 Hat with Vertices
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Added 18 days ago
3rd Update
  • Ness the Joker(KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!)
  • Cancelled Protoman Mod(plain Mega Man crashed after exporting)
  • Ness64 Head will be ready to publish soon with it's horrifying face
  • Majora's Mask
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Added 20 days ago
Really? WIP Category is Maps? Okay...

Anyways, I've been fooling around with 3DSMax and watching  Caseyfam 's video on basic model import for a couple of days and it seems I made some progress.
Luigi with N64 Hat and Mega Man with a Shield.

For Weegee, the models and textures are pretty messed up even though the mesh names are correct. Probably the cause of this is Ohana3DS ReBirth(build by smb123w64gb) and exporting it as DAE or OBJ.
Exporting Plain Mega Man from 3DSMax looks pretty normal. All of his movesets and animations aren't messed up. So yeah...
Download Link? Nah. Not yet. I really need to get used of 3DSMax first.

Update: Ness 64 Model
Update Update:  Added a new image. Ness 64 Head over Ness and Ness' Bat over Ness but removed the actual bat and replaced it with the N64 bat. All of which have their models visible in 3DSMax.
Update Update Update: Ness the Joker and Majora's Mask


Removing the entire original model and swap it to the imported model
Fixed Models
Fix Ness64 Face(That's creepy)
Add Majora's Mask textures



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