Hakurei Reimu from Touhou

  • Hakurei Reimu from Touhou screenshot
    2 years ago
  • Hakurei Reimu from Touhou screenshot
    2 years ago

NOTE: This not my work, I found this somewhere and it looks interesting, so I submit this WIP. The actual content not yet released.


XenoAisam: Model, Texture, Just About Everything

ZUN: Develop Touhou Project, Original Concept

Author's Description

Forgive me for watermark. Its the plugin for 3dsmax.

Wait... I do hate touhou but why i make it? nahh.. its long story long time ago and now I want to overcome my hatred. Plus this will be good model to seduce > : D

Reimu will be available for gmod soon.

HMLV Preview

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