[L4D2 CONTEST] Destructive Device (HP)

This is a WIP for a contest skin that I'm currently cooking up, which is Striker/DAO-12/Street Sweeper or whatever You would like to call it. Since it is a skinning contest, I'm planning to do everything alone, including: modeling (HP, LP and bakes of course), unwrapping, texturing, animating and finally compiling. However, I'm a newbie when it comes to modeling or compiling for example and that's why I decided to post this WIP: so You, almighty GB community, can help me a bit in this debut. The WIP will be update regularly so keep an eye for it.

Once the contest will end and skin will be uploaded, I'll also upload the model, bakes and textures.

HP: ~80%

HP is far from done, the progress is very slow but I didn't update since quite a while so here You go. Stuff to do: hole in the drum, shell, flashlight(?) and fix up stuff (too sharp, GRRRR!)


Huge thanks to the GB legend, Thanez, letting me know that my model is way too sharp and teaching me a lot of stuff. Thanks mate!

Thanks to Millenia and Kosai for answering my stupid questions about modeling!

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