Update 3 and some changes?

Update 3 and some changes? WiP screenshot

Name changed from Geist Gewehr to Blessed Boomstick.

Initially, I wanted to make this like a Sawed-off Olympia shotgun, with a spectre-ish feel to it. Since what I'm slapping on the shotgun has nothing to do with evil spirits and looks more angelic, I decided to rename this to 'Blessed Boomstick.'

I've only got time to add the crucifixes, I will add a bayonet to it. Now looking for ideas, all suggestions are still welcome.

Special thanks: Constellatio for the new iron sights.

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    4 years ago:

    Oh god yes. This is gonna be SO AWESOME

    Kill the sound.
  • Acidic. avatar
    Acidic. Offline
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    4 years ago:

    Loving the Sights. Maybe if your going for a Angelic Look, Add Wings on the Grip?

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    Good morning, and you?


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