Geist Gewehr update 2

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Geist Gewehr update 2

I think I'll call this the Geist Gewehr, don't ask why. Stuff I've added are 2 German crosses on the sides of the gun, a bead sight on the barrel rib, and a ring sight mounted in between the crosses.

Special thanks to Yams and Corvalho for suggesting a better handle.

Poly count jumped to 1297 polys, I still wanna add stuff on it, so expect more.

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    5 years ago:
    Posted by !KathyFronche! I'm guessing this will be for CS:S?

    Maybe. It's for the Halloween contest and I'm hoping that this is for TF2 but I could be wrong.

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    'Wasn't that guy banned?'
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    5 years ago:
    I'm guessing this will be for CS:S?

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    God, I'm such a fucking shota


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Oct 2 2011 @ 8:09am UTC
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