radio tune.

Seems like this might be one of the very first wip's in the megamod and if not , it'l be the very first sound dept. wip.

I tried some different sounds but it seems that if i use something without actually putting "music" fragments into it it gets dull quite early on so this explains why one of the versions is relatively short.



don't mind the banner ,its something i made in 10 seconds

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    5 years ago:

    Radiotune.wav is a bit...empty, try adding some intereference at the end of it.

    Radio_long.wav, is very nice; atm it just needs the volume balancing (or just make it mono).

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    6 years ago:

    Yeah the first one sounds pretty darn close to the RvB radio :D

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    6 years ago:

    The First one sounds like the one that was used for Red Vs. Blue when Doc was contacting Blue Command. Odd how that worked.

    "War were declared."
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    6 years ago:

    Radio_long.wav, would be interesting to have in a npc situation. You come up to a npc that tuning his/her radio with that sound it would be realistic.

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MegaMod Sound Dept.


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Sound Effects & Music


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