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  • Fixed some tasks failing because they couldn't set an alias to a new value
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  • Fixed more issues that occur when the user doesn't have a default browser
  • Updated design to conform to MD guidelines. Replaced icons with MD icons.
  • Improved UX in multiple places
  • Added additional fallbacks to APIService, reducing crashes when there's no internet connection or it's very slow
  • Fixed issues with localisations not loading
  • (Probably) fixed issues with freezes on startup after logging in
  • Clicking the username in main window now opens the user's profile
Please include your email address if you have personal issues (like unable to log in). We don't store your credentials so it's impossible for us to figure out who's having trouble, and as a result - can't assist you.
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Latest stable version of Modboy

Download Modboy

Note: if you're updating from older versions and modboy crashes try to do a clean install. 

Modboy is a desktop tool that makes installing mods from GameBanana an effortless and automatic process. Modboy is now in Beta and we are asking folks to help test it. Currently it works for Windows and a handful of games like CS, CSS, TF2, KF2 and a few others. If you are interested in taking part in the Beta, please follow the instructions below!

Usage Instructions

  1. Download & install Modboy.
  2. Look for submissions with the Modboy icon
  3. Click Install with Modboy.
  4. Modboy should launch and the mod should install automatically. Uninstall and verify your mods by right clicking the tray icon and selecting "Installed Mods".


Found a bug in Modboy? Please submit a bug report to the Bugs section.


Got an idea to improve Modboy? Submit an Idea to the Ideas section.


Q. A crash/freeze/error occurred. What should I do?

A. Modboy is currently in early development and these are expected. If you left the "Send bug reports to GameBanana" checkbox selected in settings, we will get notified about the error and will do our best to solve it. If you want to accelerate the process, you can help by providing whatever information you think will aid reproducing the bug by PMing me or leaving a comment to this thread.Keep an eye on new versions as they are released quite often.

Q: Download link not working, what do?

A: Chances are, we're updating Modboy and the link may be down for 1-2 minutes until we're done.

Modboy Config Development

If you're interested in extending Modboy support to new games, please read the Modboy Config Coding Wiki. Anybody can add Modboy configs to the Modboy Configs Scripts Category. They are then included via the Master Config Script by me.


  • 23d
    olitron2000 avatar
    Member Joined 24d
    does Modboy work for CS:GO when installing mods from GameBanana
  • 1mo
    Herlando avatar
    Herlando Offline
    Member Joined 1mo
    Are Modboy works very slowly for everyone? cause i am waiting hour to install one mod and it's still not finished :/
    • Agree x 1
  • 2mo
    HydroMax_WHY avatar
    Member Joined 2mo
    It says Unkown publisher why is that gamebanana?
  • 3mo
    i open up modboy but i cant do anything i try and fined cs 1.6 at search but nothing is in th list???
    FIX ASAP!!!
  • 3mo
    kawaii77 avatar
    kawaii77 Offline
    Member Joined 3mo
    Posted by Coolambo

    Okay i don't know whats going on ... when i try to install a mod set the location where is my CS:S and click the tick and after there is an error telling me "Task [Install] for mod [NAMEOFMOD] failed.

                  Please Help.

    same here how to fix
    Smash that ass
  • 5mo
    Coolambo avatar
    Coolambo Offline
    Member Joined 5mo
    Okay i don't know whats going on ... when i try to install a mod set the location where is my CS:S and click the tick and after there is an error telling me "Task [Install] for mod [NAMEOFMOD] failed.

                  Please Help.
  • 5mo
    kenncs avatar
    kenncs Offline
    Member Joined 5mo
    How do you use this? Instructions aren't clear
  • 5mo
    10v3n avatar
    10v3n Offline
    Member Joined 9y
    i have "Login failed! Please check ur cerdentials!" error 
    Until change login. I delete ] [ symbols from it
  • 6mo
    soulofhate avatar
    soulofhate Offline
    Member Joined 6mo
    yup totally
  • 7mo
    Tyrrrz avatar
    Tyrrrz Offline
    Member Joined 2y
    Does anyone still experience issues logging in?
    Modboy Client Developer


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