DSM - Derivative Submission Monitor

The unauthorized creation of derivative artwork and code has become a systemic problem on the Internet. While derivatives are rarely of commercial value to their creators and mostly developed as part of a hobby, these derivatives still remain the part intellectual property of the original artists.

The Derivative Submission Monitor (DSM) is an attempt to solve this problem by empowering popular, well-known artists and allowing them to automatically remove submissions containing their work without having to manually contact an Admin or Moderator.

How it Works DSM automatically checks the author field of new submissions for the names of certain popular artists. If a participating artist has several aliases or several variations of a single alias, DSM will also check for these variations.

If a participating artist's alias is detected in the author field of a new submission, this artist will be automatically notified and given the ability to grant or refuse permission for the submission to remain on FPSBanana.

Grants A participating artist may grant permission if they gave prior permission to the submitter to make the derivative work. A participating artist may also grant permission in the absence of prior consent for compassionate reasons.

Refusals A participating artist may refuse permission if the submitter didn't receive prior consent to make the derivative work. This makes it imperative that you obtain permission before starting!

Click here to see the list of Participating authors and the status of permissions.

Becoming a DSM Participating Artist Artists participating in DSM are those that commonly have derivatives made of their work, whether with or without their prior permission. To become a participating artist, contact Tom and supply your aliases or alias variations. If derivatives of your work are rarely made, it is not necessary to become a DSM participating artist.

How to Use DSM For artists participating in DSM, simply follow the link in the event notice and click Manage in the submission profile. You can then grant or refuse permission at the prompt.

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