[Preview] Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

When Valve announced Counter-Strike: Global Offensive(CS) in August at PAX Prime, we were there to bring the news to you and they were kind enough to offer us the first set of Beta codes to test of their newest installment of Counter-Strike (CS). Only 3 months later, we bring you a full preview of the beta.

Main Menu

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As soon as the game loads, you will notice that the menu has changed drastically, comparing to the original CS and CS:Source. The first menu consists of Play, Leaderboards, Achievements & Stats, and Help & Options. Valve kept it very simple and clean when coming up with this menu. Our best guess is to unify the console and computer versions into a simple to use menu, instead of having two different kinds. This style of menu is used throughout the entire game. No longer will the options menu be launched in a new window.

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Loading a Game

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The dynamics of the loading screen and game selection has also changed. Since this is simply a beta, the option of custom servers are no where to be found, so the game matching system is as simple as pressing Quick Match and finding the nearest available spot to place you. Once the game is loaded, you are welcomed by a "Choose Team" screen, matching the TF2 look and feel. I haven't been able to locate a way to find different skins for each team, like 1.6 and Source, but I do believe it will be coming in the full version.

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The game buy menu has also been revamped. The introduction of a rotary style menu has once again unified the cross platform development and made it easier to access certain categories faster for the trainer eye. In the beta, not all weapons are available, mainly guns such as the AK, M4A1, AWP and what looks like is the scout and there. In the submachine gun section, the UMP is the only choice and i have no idea why the popular MP5 didn't make the beta cut! As for the pistols, you have a choice between the Desert Eagle and the Glock. The newest addition to the buy menu for equipment is the Molotov.

Playing Around

The games dynamics have changed as well. Some immediate changes I noticed were the lack of silencer on my guns! Also new additions have been made to the scopes used by the AWP and scout! Before, using a scope style weapon was easy, but a recent blur has been added while moving scoped in. Take a look at the image blow:

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There have been some small changes done to the two maps I've tested. The original Dust has added a new stairway leading to underpass, which isn't major and the bomb site B has been moved down a little. As for Dust2, no major changes have been done. Some boxes removed, a lot of lighting changes and doors being swapped around, but over all, these small changes shouldn't affect anyone but just something to look out for.

How Did I Do?

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As you can tell, the score screen has been revised back to the the original counter-strike looked and feel. New features that has been added are the placeholder for a persons clan, if the person on CT has a defuser and how much money each player on your team has. All these features point to a more competitive aspect for CS:GO.

Here is a short preview of the game!

Overall, this beta has brought back my love for Counter-Strike. Is it the next 1.6? Will it bring back CAL competitions? I'll let you be the judge of that. Hope to see you guys in Beta in the next few months. Keep an eye out for contests from GameBanana, where we will be giving away some Beta keys!

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    3 years ago:

    i wish that i had a beta key ;(

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  • Zombie_hell avatar
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    3 years ago:

    as 1.6 reborn in CSO , i think this is the reborn of source and it problaby will have a lot of mods {sory for my bad english}

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    I'l see you there...
  • dukunngepetz avatar
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    3 years ago:

    in CS 1.6 , we can see at the tablescore (TAB), The terrorist faction is in the top-side of the tab,but in CSGO the CT placed in the top-side

  • Amen avatar
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    3 years ago:

    This is coming along great so far, I really love the look of everything.

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    Eater of Bananas
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    3 years ago:

    Global Offensive*

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    3 years ago:

    Nice work BigDog! There are a few minor things to change, but I'll Pm you them in a min.

    VP Marketing & Research


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