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/adminhelp - List admin commands
/ask q? - Answer a question e.g /ask do you love me?
/bananite - alias of mem
/choose - alias of which
/decide - alias of which
/flip - Flip a coin
/help - List chat commands
/listthemes - List available themes
/loadtheme id - Load a chat theme e.g /lt compact
/lt - alias of loadtheme
/man - alias of manual
/manual command - Show manual entry for command e.g /manual rr
/meis x - Describe your feeling or activity e.g /meis feeling good
/mem id - Show a member e.g /mem 37
/member - alias of mem
/playing game - Mention the game you're playing e.g /playing CS:GO
/rand - alias of random
/random limit - Get a random number e.g /random 1000
/roll - Roll a dice
/rr - russian roulette
/sub - alias of submission
/submission type id - Show a submission e.g /sub wip 45717
/unloadtheme id - Unload a chat theme e.g /unloadtheme compact
/ut - alias of unloadtheme
/which a b c ... - Decide between options e.g /which apples oranges


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