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Source Dedicated Server for beginners

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Source Dedicated Server for beginners

In this tutorial i will show you:

I hope you will enjoy it, rate it and comment it x). If I have missed anything feel free to post about it.
I'm thinking about making a section called Installing mods on your server... but I'm not sure about it yet. I'll also put some image in soon, but not right now..

What is Source Dedicated Server?

Srcds (Source Dedicated Server), is a program that allows you to host an online Counter-Strike: Source server on your own pc. You can also host servers for other games like Half-Life 2: Deathmatch with srcds. Srcds is a steam tool, and can be downloaded in the Tools window, in steam.

Installing Source Dedicated Server

  1. Open Steam, go to tools and then double click at Source Dedicated Server.
  2. A new window will pop up, click Download and Install, then Next and Next again. At last, click Finish.
  3. Congratulations! You have installed a dedicated server now!

Pimping Your Server

  1. First thing i do when making a server is to create a server.cfg. Server.cfg maker
  2. Put your server.cfg into C:/.../SteamApps/Username/Source Dedicated Server/cstrike/cfg
  3. Done!

Adding maps
  1. Download the map you want added at your server. FPSB CS:S maps
  2. Put the .zip/.rar file you downloaded, into C:/.../SteamApps/Username/Source Dedicated Server/cstrike/maps
  3. Then extract it, and you are done!

Making your own map cycle
  1. Go To C:/.../SteamApps/Usernam/Source Dedicated Server/cstrike
  2. Open the file called mapcycle.txt (if you don't got it, then create it).
  3. Now you can edit it. Write a name of a map, go to next line and type a name of another map. I don't think there is a minimum or a maximum of maps you can have in the mapcycle, just remember: the maps have to be in the maps folder or be one of the normal maps, like de_dust.

Making a motd
  1. First you maybe want to know what a motd is, I'll tell you. A motd is the things that pops up when you join a server, and when you write rules or motd in the chat at a server. In a motd you often write: rules, information and who there is admin. You can use html in the motd
  2. Go to C:/.../SteamApps/Usernam/Source Dedicated Server/cstrike and open your motd.txt file. (If you don't got one create one)
  3. Now edit it like you want to, save and then you are finish :D

♂ By Mario Man ♂
♂ Other tutorials by me: ♂
Console fix, with pics

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    9 years ago:
    Yo man :D fine tut .... try make one how to forward ports so ppls can join ur server (their dedi :D like mine dedi if u tryed) i got forwared for WoW private server :D but it worked fine


    Surfing Fevah!
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    9 years ago:
    Thank you. Glad to here :D
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    9 years ago:
    i see nothing wrong!


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