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Console Fix, with pictures

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This tutorial will show you, how to make your console (in css) work, and how to bind it to the 'normal' key. I know that some people already have made tutorials about this, but none of them got pics, so i decided to make one by myself. Please rate and comment, thanks!
I know two ways to make your console work, but I'll only show the easiest of them.

Making your console open

1. First Open steam, go to My Games. Screenshot 1

2. Right click at Counter-Strike: Source, then click properties. Screenshot 2

3. A new window will popup, click launch settings and type "-console" without the "". Screenshot 3

4. Launch Css, console will popup. Type: bind "your key" "toggleconsole". Screenshot 4

5. Grats! You've now binded your console to a key!

Binding the console to the 'normal' key

1. Open options, click Keyboard, then Advanced. A new window will pop up, make sure you have enabled developer console.

2. Open console and write: bind "\" "toggleconsole".

3. Now it should be binded to normal key. Join a server and try!

♂ By Mario Man ♂
♂ Other tutorials by me: ♂
Source Dedicated Server, for beginners


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    Cons: MArio are awsome--


  • 9y
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    Thank you very much, for your comment.
    I will add a way to bind console to the normal key tomorrow
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    Its a bit overkill though. you can make them change it easily without going ingame. just let them open autoexec.cfg or config.cfg and add the same line in there.

    even deleting config.cfg works.

    Anyway, since it works and involves about the same in work (and is easier to the pure noobs) i give it a 9

    btw, you should also give the default key (as many want to use that because its an easy one to use) and tell them the enable console has to be set on in they keyboard settings.


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    The Knifosaurus
  • 9y
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    Html if it is that you mean... This code: < img src="Image Url" >, without spaces. BTW please rate the tutorial, thanks.
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    How were the images 'puted in the tutorial'?
    Stand still, I'm used to paper avatar
    Stand still, I'm used to paper
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    Please Comment


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