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Adding Admin Skins

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Please view this page in internet explorer, not firefox because HTML codes i put in do not work in firefox.

I apologize in advance for blurry screenshots, (i have a wide screen monitor) and fpsb won't me upload them

Ok for anyone who wants to know how to put custom admin skins in your server, you have come to the right place.

Go to the following website: here

And download the skins you want. Open the .rar file once it has finished downloading.

Click on the Cstrike folder, and drag it onto your servers Cstrike folder.
Note: This will not replace any files your server may have on it, just press yes to all

Open the readme.txt and you should see some lines similar to:


Open notepad, and copy and paste the lines located in the read-me.txt

Save the notepad as "predator.txt" or whatever the skins is called.

Now, go into your server's files so it looks like this:
C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\killme1337\source dedicated server\cstrike\cfg\mani_admin_plugin\skins

Note: Again, your lineup may look different but as long it is in the mani skins folder it will work the same

You will see folders that say:

Drag the predator.txt into the "admin_t" folder.

Open up the admin_t.txt and then add the line:

"Predator Admin" predator.txt

The name in quotes is the name of the skin while the admin is choosing it, the predator.txt is showing where the files can be located, you can rename the "Predator Admin" YOU CANNOT RENAME THE PREDATOR.TXT
You are basically telling mani what the .txt file is called, and that .txt is telling mani where the pieces of the skin/model are placed.

Almost done!

Now, go into your server's cfg folder and you should see a file called mani_server.cfg

Open it with notepad, and then scroll down to the skins section (it is near the bottom about 4/5 of the way down)

You will see 8 options... Set all of them to 1 so they should look like this:

// *****************************************************************************
// Module : Custom Skin Control
// Desc : The following cvars are used to configure the options for the skins
// *****************************************************************************

// 0 = Dont allow admins to have admin skins, 1 = Allow admins to have admin
// skins
mani_skins_admin 1

// 0 = Dont allow public skins for normal players, 1 = Allow public skins
// for normal players
mani_skins_public 1

// 0 = Dont force first skin in list for public player, 1 = Force first skin
// in list on public player
mani_skins_force_public 1

// 0 = Allow all skins to be selected via ma_setskin, 1 = Only allow misc
// skins to be used
mani_skins_setskin_misc_only 1

// 0 = Dont auto download skin resources, 1 = auto download skin resources
// to clients
mani_skins_auto_download 1

// 0 = Dont allow immunity players to have reserved skins,
// 1 = Allow immunity players to have reserved skins
mani_skins_reserved 1

// 0 = No menu on team join, 1 = show skin chooser on team join,
// 2 = show settings menu on team join
mani_skins_force_choose_on_join 1

// 0 = no custom skins for bots, 1 = use random public class skins on bots
mani_skins_random_bot_skins 1

Edit them all to look like so. Then save it and get back on your server.

Now, you should just have to change the level on your server for the skin to take effect.

Sorry, i will no longer be able to help with things regarding this tutorial via x-fire from now on, i got a new computer and it x-fire doesn't seem to work, PM me and i will try to work something out

Once you understand this you might want to take a look at my other tut.


  • chriss12390 avatar
    Member Joined 4 years ago
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    4 years ago:
    Hi, i got some issues i have tryed to follow ur steps as good as i can but it all ends bad, when i go on my server it is a little route there it says choose skin and then 1 standard 0 exit. I thought it was like this that it shuld come up like a menu of skins. Do you think you can help me?
  • silencer222 avatar
    Member Joined 5 years ago
    128 points Ranked 22501st
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    5 years ago:
    if i have a skin for example and i want to make it admin skin or like that to see all the players on the server my custom skin what i have to do? it is possible?
  • Zynthos avatar
    Zynthos Offline
    Member Joined 7 years ago
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    6 years ago:
    The link that the people before me have is wrong! Download the skin-pack on mani´s new website. Direct link:
    Pineapple avatar
  • yamzy avatar
    yamzy Offline
    Member Joined 6 years ago
    Report post
    6 years ago:
    This is a good tuto, but i've lost lot of time before finding the most important thing :


    Then everything is ok.

    PROBLEM : As someone else, every time the round starts, the skins of the bots i've changed is RESET. It's a bit boring. Someone knows how to not reset the skins when the round restart ?

    Please send me a message !



  • dominiqe90 avatar
    dominiqe90 Offline
    Member Joined 8 years ago
    Report post
    7 years ago:
    Ok i did it but if i start the server it says something bad string host
  • TheChewyWun avatar
    Member Joined 7 years ago
    Report post
    7 years ago:
    Very good tut. What messed me up though for a little bit and is something worth noting, is that there are two files with a very similar name and their headers are similarl, so pay close attention to which text file you are editing. To add the skins to the menu chooser, you need to add your designator (e.g. "ADMIN Skull" skull.txt to the /cstrike/cfg/mani_admin_plugin/skins/admin_t.txt file. The other file is the /cstrike/cfg/mani_admin_plugin/admin_t/admint.txt file. The headers look similar so it can be confusing when you open the file to edit it. After ensuring the changes in the main_server config are set right and editing the correct file, it works like a charm
  • EvilCookie27 avatar
    Member Joined 8 years ago
    168 points Ranked 18731st
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    7 years ago:
    Sorry doubble post.
    Cookies Are Evil! avatar
    Cookies Are Evil!
  • EvilCookie27 avatar
    Member Joined 8 years ago
    168 points Ranked 18731st
    Report post
    7 years ago:
    To all you that can't find your 'skins'-folder
    You have to download the Skin Manager from Mani's website.

    Direct link right here:
    Cookies Are Evil! avatar
    Cookies Are Evil!
  • Prosom avatar
    Prosom Offline
    Member Joined 7 years ago
    166 points Ranked 18872nd
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    7 years ago:
    Can you add weapon skins?
  • Prosom avatar
    Prosom Offline
    Member Joined 7 years ago
    166 points Ranked 18872nd
    Report post
    7 years ago:
    Can you add weapon skins?


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