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Hopefully most people here have, or have played on Battlefield 2142. Some people have also noticed that ranks can be gained very quickly at first, allowing unlocks to be, well, unlocked faster.

I'm going to run through some tips for earning points quickly, to help people reach the all important supreme commander ^^

some tips may seem obvious or a little bit noob, but I'm working on this, and I'm a gold master sergeant, after about a week, so don't mock. I'm a Gold Commisar now though, the rank with the little gold wings and a dot inbetween then near top. 7 ranks from top =)

1. Knife

The knife was sorely under-used in BF2, but is becoming EXTREMELY useful in 2142. Easiest way of earning dogtags? choose light body armour, try and have the sprint boost unlocks, and go on either belgrade or fall of berlin. Switch to knife at spawn, and sprint into groups of people, jumping and weaving. If someone sees you running at them, go prone and jump quickly, whicle weaving.

By far the most useful way is on titan. When the opposite team has boarded, use the pods to fly to the back of your own titan. go down one of the two 'vents' at the top. There will be some people usually hiding round the top layer, who should be easy to knife, as they won't expect you. It's also very effective when they breach the reactor room, run in behind, they don't know you're there, you cut through them! This works, and I have proven it, as in one round I managed a total of 300 points at the end from gaining:
-bronze knife badge
-2 collector pins
-2 combat pins
-1 distinguished combat pin
-2 titan defense pins
-bronze titan defense badge

which is obviously very useful

2. Badges and the like

Most obvious, you would think, but a lot of people didn't know that badges, pins and ribbons give extra points. Each item gives different pont values at the end of the round.

pins - 5 each for most
badges - bronze - 20
silver - 500
gold - 1000
ribbons - 10

This also gives a good incentive to work towards them, it's a nice suprise finding you just earned an extra 500 points for being a nutter with a knife :D

3. Titan

Few great aspects here with titan:

- Guns
For most of the round, especially if you are trying to acheive a certain number of kills with kit, try and use the titan bombing guns. These are located at the back of spawn on titan. Once in a turret, bomb the hell out of every red silo, and anything going past. This is EXTREMELY effect I find, as its also easy to earn some badges.

- Boarding
Great way to earn points is defending titan. When they break into reactor room, try to get into 'vents' with rocket launcher attachment for assault, then fire into reactor room from behind. This works becuase most people gather round behind shield, leaving an easy shot. Grenades also work.

- Ammo
Don't ask why, but if you throw an ammo crate down in titan (anywhere) it will give ammo to the titan :P easily earning you the supply badge, and some extra team points.

- Defence
Very simple, VERY effect. Not hard to explain, simply stopping people from getting to your core/consoles. Best way to defend is to set up a shield and a turret as support, with some people as medic dropping health crates. Every kill will also give you an extra 'titan defend' point, giving double points, and earning badges and pins for defence. This is if you can stand the lag in most titan servers...

4. APC and Fall Of Berlin

Awsome tactic, I've used many times, and not many people seem to copy. As the PAC get into an APC at the start, but try and get to second seat, with the missiles/bombs. Turn round the corner into the main street and simply bomb the whole area that people hide. I can't stress how good this method is, apart from me acheiving 22 kills in about 2 minutes from this. Only thing to watch out for are the obvious walkers and missiles, but with a decent driver, he should either dodge, shield or stay when there is no danger.

5. Explosives

Also helpful for the explosives badge this is. Few simple steps:

- Camp Gibraltar
- Recon with C4 and APMs
- Run at people and throw APMs at areas that people regularly run through
- Plant C4 in areas that build crowds

This will get you kills very quickly and also when you least expect it (as in, plant one APM at start, and get one kill at end, getting you gold star :) )

Oh, and grenades DO count as explosives, for all who were wondering.

6. The Art Of Nudging

Everyone does it. Jump in a transport ship, and plough it into a gunship or another transport. This tactic only works sometimes though. I have found another way, that when practiced, leaves your ship only slightly scraped, but the other completely destroyed.

Jump in a transport ship
Fly towards desired floating target
Aim to clip the tail of the ship with your nose
This should result in the enemy ship exploding or flying into the floor, while you remain safe.

7. Be A Squad Leader

By being a squad leader constantly, you can earn many bonuses. First, the obvious field unlocks. If you have a succesful squad, and are able to lead them, you will earn field unlocks, and also have your squad leader bonus added to your score.

By being a SL, you can also progress to some very decent ribbons and a badge. There are 2 ribbons that require certain hours playing as a Squad Leader. The first earns you 500 points, the second, 2000 points. Enough to boost anyone close to their next rank.

8. Be A Nutter

I do this a lot. I'm a gold commisar, and rising. Basically involves such reckless tactics as running down a corridor in the titan with a grenade primed, so you can just about throw it, taking out everyone, while dying yourself. This leaves the whole team to rush in safe, and you have a healthy amount of points in your pocket.

Jeeps are good for this too. Take a ride around in one, then find some people, and boost. Don't worry about how close to a wall they are, just fly at them. I've done this enough and got 2 wheels of hazard pins and a crew service ribbon.

9. Be An Annoying Medic

By this I refer to the medics that revive someone, who then dies, is revived again, dies, revived, dies etc etc. This is obviously going to get you quite a few points, pins and badges. Some people may get annoyed, but who cares, you're doing your job.

I'll add to this soon


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    Never knew u cud get extra points for ribbons and pins, is there any way to find a table that tells u all the methods?
    Creator of Hide N Seek mod
  • 9y
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    This guide/tut is pretty useful, but I guess I'm not good with 'nades, or I've been playing with pretty good players, because when I try to cook a nade and going into a titan corridor, they blast me with RDX DemoPaks, and I'll be killed instantly, not like in CoD4, when you can just kamikaze with martyrdom, which is by the way awesome.


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  • 10y
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    Nutter is how i paly all the time I drive jeeps in to people, walkers and anything I can hit with a jeep. I am a very good driver because I pratcie run into people I know how to avoid them now.
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    Piston Powdered Ice Scraper
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    Yea well that's a pretty obvious tactic simply imported from BF2...

    Adding more now
  • 10y
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    Those r pretty good ideas..even though most people know them..add a strategy putting charges on a car nd dump em on a walker then run out and press the button to explode the 2 vehicles..i got to master corporal gold by just doing this simple task, over and over again..i reached master corporal gold in about 3 a gold master sargeant now in my first week of playing bf2142..


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    Assassin's Creed. Yeah.
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    Great points! Cant wait for 2142 :)
    3D Modeler
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    Hehe... Extreimly good.. :-)


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    Nice job!! I am going to try this soon.


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    Great points, I am going to try this right now. Thank you.


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    It's like I can touch you!!!


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