How to Give Mods Final Smash Eyes

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Hey, are you a up and coming modder or veteran modder that hasn't been screwed by the recent Wii U update and want to give your mods special Final Smash textures? GREAT, you've come to the right tutorial.

What you gonna need: 
  • Ploaj's Material Inject Script
  • Smash Forge (if you can't use the latest version then use the one on this site. It's a bit older without all the bells and whistles the newer versions have but it'll at least work with a lower end computer like my usual one without crashing)
  • Sm4shexplorer (no duh)
  • A .TXT editing software (Notepad++ works wonders)
  • A .DDS editing/making program (to make/edit your final smash texture)
  • A model that you or someone else made (this is what's gonna be changed)

First of all make  a folder for the material inject script for easy access (this'll be important for later)

Okay so what you want to do is open up Sm4shexplorer and extract the character model of whatever character you want (in this case I'll use Donkey Kong)

Alright now that you've done that, find your extracted character and take their model.nud to the material inject folder  

Drag the model.nud to the extract.bat and a command line should pop up and a model_out.txt should automatically show up in your folder (I recommend renaming the file to something memorable just for the sake of conveinience)

Alright now that you got your stuff, get the model.nud from your model (or someone else's  model that you can make your own "improvements" to) and do the same thing

Now you just need to find the eye model for your character and copy both the TexProp#0 and TexProp#1 and paste them under your eye model. If you're having a hard time finding the eye names either open up the character in Forge and check the model name or hit Ctrl+F and find the flag 9ae11165 or 92f01101 (remember these values for later)

You can also get the same result from just copying your entire TexProp#0, pasting it under the original and then changing the #0 to #1 (this is for eyes with unique materials)

Now save the model_out you've edited for your new character and then drag the model.nud over to the inject.bat (make sure it's model_out.txt or otherwise it won't work) and you should get a model.nud.out.

Drag this baby to where you have your other mod files and erase the .out part of the file (if a warning comes up just accept it it's fine)

Now that you've made a new .nud file you can now move on to Forge for the final couple steps.

First your gonna need some eye textures. (make 'em yourself, steal borrow them, I don't care) and then you need to make a Final Smash variant of those textures (they can be kinda yellow like the regualr character's, they can be blue, black, red, whatever as long as they're different). Different characters and mods may have different way their eyes work so it's up to you to find out what their eyes look like and what part of the eye needs to be changed (one characer may have a separate iris from their eye white while another may have them as one texture that's all up to you how you want them to look in game)

Secondly you need to open Forge and go to edit material by opening the model tab and right clicking the polygon your eyes are on and where it says material zero you should see an arrow, click on that and you should see a material_0 and a material_1. Now it's time to use those flags from earlier, under material_0 and a material_1 you should see a spot called "Flags" and a value that starts with 9.

For material_0 put down 9ae11165 and for material_1 put 92f01101. 9ae11165 tells the game "This is the texture visable at all times" and 92f01101 tells it "This shows up when you have the Final Smash" 

Finally go to the texture tab and put in the texture values for both material_0 (regular eyes) and a material_1 (Final Smash Eyes) from your nut file. The first diffuse should be the iris and the second should be your eye white (if they're not separate either make them separate or just put the same texture for both) then save your model.

Now you should have a fancy new Final-Smash-Eyed mod which I'd show a picture of it in action but: 
(I managed to make it work while testing my mods but I didn't get a picture of it because the test texture wasn't great so I wanted to remake it and I wanted a picture of the final version. I'm such a Giinus!)

Before you ask, no the second texture shouldn't be showing up on the model in Forge if done correctly, it should be invisible until you pick up a Smash Ball in game.
Hope this tutorial helped some of you with your mods.


Get pictures once a 5.5.2 exploit is found
Make Part 2 about model changes



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