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SWG (SWaG physic bones) tutorial

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SWG bones are basically physic bones that are controlled by wind, movement, and other effects often used for hair, skirts, headbands, and much more. Some of these bones can have particular animations specific to a character however, these do not need full animations and can have just movement from wind and character movement. Usage of this is entirely WIfi Safe!  Aslong as you don't alter any default bones, hitboxes will remain the same. 

What you'll need.
Smash Forge
Program for rigging. Ideally 3DS Max. 
NUD import script for 3ds max.  by RTB, updates to this can be found here. 

Making bones

First with Smash Forge, considering you already have a character imported, open the nud. Make sure it has a vbn next to it for the bones. For this tutorial, i'll add the splatoon hat to Fox. 

Now to start, lets add the bones. We are going to do this in forge as importing actual bone sets from a dae or smd require reordering and lots of stuff to sort out. 

First click on the bone tree.

Then you'll see all the bones for the character. Right click and click "Add bone" on a bone you want your SWG bone to start. Ideally a head band would be on HeadN. A cape could be on BustN. ect. 

You'll get this dialogue box. For the name, use an existing SWG bone. For a list of all bones, Smash Forge has a hashtable.csv that you can open in notepad or notepad ++ . Search for "SWG" in the list. 

Ideally choose the best one that may suit your own, just so you know which is which. The name itself will not reflect it acting differently, but do make sure that:
  • The name isn't used in the character bonelist already. 
  • Use SWG in the name

Then for the Hash part. just leave it blank for now.
The type make sure it is 3!

Now click "Add Bone"

Now we need to preposition it. This can be done here. 

X will be up, Y will move forward and back, Z will move right and left. This may vary if your rotations are not 0 0 0 though default bones should. 

Move them to fit your area you want with SWG bones. Then add another one and so on like so. (Ignore the hat texture)

Then once done, click Edit - Hash match,

Now to save. Click File - Save, and then as a Model.vbn Make sure Big Endian bones is NOT checked. If you forget, make sure to resave it again and it should recovert it back to little endian. 

Now we need to rig these. 

Rig new bones

Open up 3ds max and import the bones and nud using the nud script. Make sure the vbn is next to the nud! 

You may get an error and no model shows up. If this occurs, open the model in max instead before use exported your model into forge, and then import the nud. You'll get the neeeded bones imported. 

Bones imported! Now all you need to do is rig them. 

Then export 3ds max as a dae or fbx, export that through noesis and make it a dae for smash forge. You may need to check 90 degrees if character isn't right. 

Then for the dae settings. Click Open VBN

The select your vbn you saved, then click import dae. 

Now save the dae as a nud as usual. With right clicking "Model" on the model list on the right and click Save NUD.

Now that is all done. The final step! 


This file contains data for how you want the physics to react. 

The weight bones help prevent clipping. Those are often bones labeled with "shit" in the end. Ideally for things like a cape it would be SWG_Hip_0__shit. 

You first need to add a bone so right click where the bones are listed and click "Add Entry" and select your SWG bone. Do this for all bones you added in. 

The next tab is rotation limit. This is where i suggest using other SWG data from other characters

As noted before, the X is up/down, Y is front/back, and Z is right/left. 

The last two tabs are alot of unkowns. I suggest copying most data from other .sb files. I suggest dragging them into smash forge. Then drag from the tab to the render view where the model is. 

You can now copy down some values over to your own .sb file. Continue to do this for all bones.

 To save, click in the box where your sb data is, ideally one of the bones in the entry box. Then click file - save. The file save option should only have the .sb file extenstion and name it

Make sure big endian is checked for .sb files. 

Now you are done! That should be all that you need to do!



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