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How to make Custom Textures (Mewtwo20XX Edition)

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Hello there, I’m Mewtwo20XX, & I want to make you guys (Especially any new people who wants to get into Smash 4 modding) a tutorial on how to make your very own character textures in Smash 4 as easy as possible!

Note: This tutorial won’t cover how to create CSPs because I don’t know how to make proper CSPs myself… Also making a texture take a lot of trial, & error to finally get it just right... So don't rush! 

Requirements; -Smash Explorer
                           -Game Dump
                           -Python 2.7
                           -Inject Pack, & Missing dlls Files
                           -TexIDFix Tool

Anyway before we start you need to download these two files, & put them both in the same folder with in other tools; 
-Smash 4 Inject Pack
-Missing dlls Files

1. Go to Smash Explorer, & extract the fighter that you want

Note: Some fighters come with “lXX” files which are the eight player smash model so extract that too.

2. Open up the folder of the fighter that you extracted, & take out the model.nut file, & put it into where ever you had putted your Inject Pack.

3. Run the CleanUp Tool to clean up the model.nut file

4. Open your command window by holding the shift key, & right click in the folder.

5. Once the command window has opened type this message in the parenthesis as it says ( model.nut) all lower case, & press enter!

Note: Don’t close close out the command window, it will help us out later

6. Run the GTX2DDS tool to extract the texture from the .nut file.

7. Go to whatever paint program you use Gimp,, Photoshop, or any other painting program to open, & paint the texture

Note: If textures won’t open up for you on the Painting program that you are using… Use DDS2PNG to convert the files from DDSs to PNGs

Note: Don’t messing with the files that looks like an metallic purplish/blue texture that’s a normal map file, & you don’t want to mess with that... If you do want to (Refer to this tutorial by AnalogFlame)

8. Do whatever you want to texture! (Give it stripe, add symbols, make it a retro recolor, anything you can imagine!)

Note: Use this link to see all the renders of the character/s you had extracted, it will make it easier to know where a specific part of the texture you want to edit.

9. Save your custom made texture as the number it had while you extracted it, then a pop up menu will open up… Leave everything the same, but the DXT1/DXT5 (Remember the command prompt window that you left open earlier, it will help you know which format the texture file has to be saved as.)

Note: If you had used any other program to edit your texture go to for this step to save your texture to make it a lot easier for your.

10. Use EasyInject to inject your DDS file/s you have edited back into the model.nut.

11. Repeat steps 3-6 to make sure that your texture was saved, & not corrupted in any way.

12. Put the model.nut back into the cXX folder, (& the lXX folder if the fighter that you extracted had one)

13. Put the folder/s back into Smash Explorer.

Note: Want to add extra costume slots (Refer to this tutorial by SonicBrawler/Mizumi)

14. TexIDFix the costume so it doesn’t look weird in-game later.

15. Build your mod, & enjoy your newly custom made costume!

Hopeful this tutorial helps you all out! (Wish there was an easy, & understandable tutorial when I try to start creating my own custom textures)


Credit any other people who I've forgot...



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