How to make hitsounds!

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Hello there! So... I'm going to guess that you would like to learn how to make a hitsound! Well, it's not that complex.

Step 1: Find a youtube video (that is short, because hitsounds are short so, two seconds, or 3 or one second.) that you want to make a sound!

Step 2: Copy that website's URL! (the thing at the top that has a http).

Step 3: Then use the website provided to copy the URL that you want to use!

Step 4: Convert it to a WAV file!

Step 5: Download It!

Step 6: If you want to make a hit sound then, go to your custom folder. ( How to locate the custom folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\custom)

Step 7: Make a new folder name it ''Hitsound'' Then make a new folder and name it ''sound'', and then name the folder ''ui''.

Step 8: Then put the sound file that you have and then put it inside the ui folder.

Step 9: Now you are done! Enjoy your new hitsound! :) 

BONUS! The elusive Step 10: Alrighty. I was asked to show how to cut the sound files well, to start that off, you will need audcity, or some other type of sound editing software.

Step 11: Then go to the software and then copy your downloaded sound file, and then cut the file down to a certain length. (For audacity do Ctrl+ X)

Step 12: Then save your cut down file to where ever you want to put it.

Step 13: That's about it for simple stuff! (True be told, that's about how much I know about audacity.)



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