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How To Perform The Image Transfer Method (iOS)

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In this tutorial, I will be showing you how to do the image transfer method to edit Heroes Files on iOS & transfer them back to Heroes. This method only works with Filza, but if you happen to encounter the same issue with other programs, this can also apply as well.

- Filza
- Dropbox on iOS
- Image Editor (PC or iOS)
- A Program Other Than Photos That Saves Images (Twitter is recommended, because it can tweet out Dropbox Links & be able to save those images; this also applies to copying links & opening them in your favorite web browser to save the image.)

1.) Find the image in Filza you want to edit. The ones you haven't touched will have a green .png icon. For the sake of this tutorial, I'm gonna edit Chrom's Start Menu Portrait: 

And replace it with the Fire Emblem: Kids With Swords Image: 

2.) Once you find your image, click Edit > Tap on your image's radio button > More > Open In > Save To Dropbox > Save it in whatever folder you want.

3.) Go to Dropbox > Click the drop down on your image > Share > Share with the methods I previously mentioned before. DO NOT EXPORT TO THE CAMERA ROLL, AS THIS WILL LEAVE YOU WITH A BLANK, UNEDITABLE IMAGE.

4.) Go to your image editor, & edit to your heart's content. I'm not gonna tell you how to edit because A.) I don't judge people on how they edit, & B.) It's your choice on what you want to do.

5.) Rename the edited image exactly like it was originally named, & upload it to Dropbox in a separate Mods folder (basically, keep it away from the original, because this gives you free backups if you screw up).

6.) Go to Dropbox on your iOS Device, & click the drop down on your edited image > Share > Open In > Import With Filza.

7.) Once in Filza, paste & overwrite the image you previously wanted to edit. It should look like this now in Filza: 

8.) Depending on what file you edited, you may need to refresh the game with uicache in MTerminal, but open the game up, & you should see your mod: 

You're done! Enjoy your mods!


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