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Modding Audio in KF2

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2016 version
  • updated the project for april 2016's version of the game
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How to mod audio for KF2, as an example, modding KF1 songs into KF2

Killing Floor 2 doesn't have a music/audio modding SDK yet but you can use the same tools the devs used to compile their audio into a format the game understands.

The program to use is WWISE and you need a WWISE project to work with, you will need some programming skills to reverse engineer the existing files and build your own WWISE project that mimics the original project the devs used to build the game.

But I provide a sample project that mods the music, using it, you wont need programming experience to mod music. I reverse engineered the music files, and as such was able to mod the music to use KF1's music, but you can do anything WWISE lets you do. The project zip is on the first video's description, I don't see any way to upload it to this tutorial itself :( but here is the dropbox link to it.

NOTE: Since this tutorial Tripwire released an update that changes the WWISE software required. Firebug+demo update and onwards: Needs WWISE 2015.1.1 build 5434 (Stable).

The tutorial is split on three videos, the first video is mostly if you want to use my example and just build the kf1 music mod, it also shows where to download WWISE:

The second video explains the WWISE software by explaining the project I reverse engineered:

The final video shows part of hex editing files and file format which is needed to do special fixes or reverse engineering files to recreate on WWISE yourself:


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    Project zip updated to firebug+demo update. Needs WWISE 2015.1.1 build 5434 (Stable).
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    > **Posted by BirdEnthusiast**
    > The Saints Row series has this same format and I hate it so much, it's so over-complicated...

    yeah but if you get to advanced stuff it helps a lot, too complicated for basic sound file swapping though i agree
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    The Saints Row series has this same format and I hate it so much, it's so over-complicated...
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