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How to create a Hotline Miami 2 MOD

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Let's say you might want to replace the tiger mask with a different tiger. Start by downloading HLMWADExplorer from:

Open the main WAD file
![]( "")
![]( "")
Locate the sprite you want to replace From the "Resource" menu select "Extract" to save the original bitmap Load it into and editor.
![]( "")
From the "Resource" menu select "Replace" and select the edited image (image has to be same size as the original).
![]( "")
From the "File" menu select "Save" to save your changes.

Create a patch to share your mod with others
![]( "")
From the "Patch" menu select "Prepare".
![]( "")
Check all images you replaced and want to include in your mod.
![]( "")
From the "Patch" menu select "Create" this will create a .patchwad file which only contains your changed resources. Feel free to distribute it to other players. They can use the "Patch" "Apply" option to apply your mod.

Final result in-game
![]( "")


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    Is there any fix on the WAD editor for Windows 8? Whenever I click the check boxes to add them to a patch, they instantly uncheck.


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