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Portal 1 Co-Op

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How do play Portal 1 co-op

In order to do this, both you and your friend will need a program called Hamachi. After installing, one of you creates a network and the other person joins. The host must write down the big numbers on the Hamachi window, that is the I.P, once the portal game is launched the host has to type in `maxplayers 2` in console, followed by `sv_cheats 1`, then `lan_ 0` and finally `map whatever-map you want to play`. When the game starts, you can type impulse 101 in console to get everything. The other player who isn't the host types `connect "ip"` in the console. OPEN UP CONSOLE AND TYPE IN `Coop 1`.


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    > **Posted by Click_Me**
    > This is my first, dont hate

    I know it's your first one, but it wouldn't kill you to add some punctuation and formatting, and doing some proofreading. I can withhold this tutorial for you if you need time to do that.
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    This would be a neat little tutorial if it weren't for the unfortunate fact that Portal is not a co-op game, and was never intended as one, either.

    The game uses a modified source engine, which of course will make multiplayer rather clunky and malfunctioning.

    Besides, Portal 2 is already co-op, so I doubt anyone wants to try Portal 1 co-op, especially since the whole game is literally impossible in co-op, because it was not developed for such thing.

    I don't hate this tutorial at all, but I also don't see how this is useful, sorry.
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    This is my first, dont hate
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    Just click


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