How to Remake a Texture in High Quality

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A short tutorial on how to remake a texture in higher resolution and quality.

**Programs Needed:** - Photoshop or Paintshop Pro **Step1:** ![]( - Grab your texture that you want to remake ![]( - Resize it to the desired dimensions, I'm going to be using 2048 pixels **Step2:** ![]( - Use Google, Yahoo, or whatever search engine you choose to use and start searching for photos that resemble parts of the original texture. You'll want to find pictures that are high res and not blurry. Collect as many as you can, you'll probably throw out a few along the way of making your texture. - Another good way to find textures is going to the site CGTextures, once you sign up (it's free) you get to download up to 15 MBs of pictures in 24 hours (it resets back to 15 every 24 hours). ![]( - Here I've collected a fair amount of pictures that I like for use on this texture. **Step3:** ![]( - start adding bits of the texture(s) over the original, here I've done the very top and a bit of the middle. Keep adding pieces and blending them together in this stage. **Step4:** ![]( - Here I've got a main "base" laid out, now I can start refining it, and adding any details I may have missed.") ![]( - Finding pictures of scratches (I usually use metal ones for all purpose scratches) and masking out all but the scratches, then overlaying that on top of your texture is a good way to create wear. ![]( - Here I've added the thin indentations into the wall, matching their alignment up with the original texture's. ![]( - I've more or less finished off this texture now, as you can see it has all the defining characteristics of the original texture. While I was making it, I found a better picture for the bottom that suited it more than what I had before. **Step5:** ![]( - It's now time to make your texture tile-able, it's best to get the paint bucket tool, with an image that's 2x the size of your original and paint the new image with the repeated new texture. You'll then go and use the "clone tool" to touch up those seams so there won't be any seam left. Or you could use the less clean method and use an image tiling effect, your photo editing software should have one or more options for that. _You can ignore the rest of this part if you used a image tiling effect and not the manual way._ ![]( - Here I have the texture repeated and I'm starting to cover up the seam. Once done, I will copy the cleared up edges onto the original texture and blend them in. **Step6:** ![]( - Now you're done with your texture, it's now time to compile it for use in whatever game engine you're using and test it out. If you're not completely satisfied with how your texture's turned out, just keep practicing and you'll get the hang of it in no time!


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    > **Posted by squeezit**

    > i reccomend puttin this in either the gamebanana section or the source engine section so maybe it gets more recognition!

    nah, is better for hl2.


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    i reccomend puttin this in either the gamebanana section or the source engine section so maybe it gets more recognition!


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